Why Joining A Sorority Was The Right Thing For Me

Why Joining A Sorority Was The Right Thing For Me

As cliche as it sounds, I don't and will never regret the amazing people I've met and the memories I've made.

Nichole Doty

Joining a sorority was the right thing for me.

Before you think of the crazy, slightly frightening door chant videos you've seen on YouTube or the terrifying hazing stories that unfortunately happen, let me explain why joining a sorority was right for me.

In high school, I never had many friends. I wouldn't call myself an introvert, rather I was so busy between school, work, and my long-term boyfriend that I never really had time to find my people. As time went and everyone found their groups, it was hard to make friends. I never found people who wanted to talk about what horror movies were out or obsess over shows like Dexter without looking at me like I had two heads. I never found people who would listen to me on my down days and not push me on days where I didn't want to share my feelings at all. I never found people who judged me for my lack of advice or who preferred calling over text. To me, rushing for a sorority seemed like the perfect thing for a girl like me moving three hours away to a place I have never been.

During recruitment, a lot of it seemed superficial. Obviously, we all know that they talk about you because how would they select their members then? I felt so desperate to be liked and well-received I put on my best face in hopes to find someone like me. Someone who was a book worm who liked gory movies and preferred staying in versus a night out.

When I found my people, it all clicked. I always thought it was kind of funny and actually a tad bit embarrassing when you hear girls who cried when they chose which sorority they wanted or found out where they wanted to, "run home," too. That was until I found my own home away from home: AOII. (And yes I did cry if anyone was wondering).

I wasn't crying tears of sadness, yet it was a relief. I had finally found my people. I had finally found the girls I can be goofy with, share my down days with and even my deepest secrets that I didn't want to ever share.

Going into my junior year, I can confirm that my love for my chapter and organization has only grown. I've had many chances and opportunities to lead my chapter, talk about series topics like hazing and eating disorders, and check in on my fellow sister's mental health. I've had opportunities to go to nursing homes and sing Christmas carols, all the way to picking up trash or volunteering at the animal shelter.

And sure. I may have done those things myself. I could have possibly sought out these opportunities. But there is something so empowering and inspiring that when you're surrounded by a group of badass women who love and care for you it makes you want to move mountains out of molehills.

Am I being a little dramatic? Probably. I don't think I could love my sorority as much as I do if I wasn't a tad dramatic (only kidding).

But on a serious note, being the girl who never truly had girlfriends to now being the friend to over one-hundred women, I would say it's one of the best feelings in the world that I will never forget or regret.

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