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North Carolina Sorority Girl Takes Entrepreneurship To A Whole Other Level

Emma Holland takes her love of accessories and turns it into a business.

Emma Holland
Emma Holland

Emma Holland is a 20-year-old student at East Carolina University who recently made her dreams become reality when she took her love of earrings and turned it into a booming business.

Emma is from the quaint town of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. This is where her grandmother owned a small children's store which introduced Emma to the fashion industry at a young age. Her early knowledge and experience with the fashion industry inspired her to one day own her own business.

Emma created House of Holland, her now thriving business, this past January when she had a few spare earrings that she had purchased from multiple wholesalers sitting around her apartment.

Originally, Emma bought the accessories for herself and her sorority sisters with no intentions of creating a business. At first, she didn't know what to do with the leftover accessories until she had the idea to start an Instagram page which we now know as House of Holland.

House of Holland was rooted in Auburn, Alabama and soon grew in popularity by word of mouth. Greek life was a big outlet for Emma to sell her accessories due to her friends' encouragement and the demand for accessories for social events. Even though she was states away from home, her connections grew immensely when she chose to transfer to East Carolina University in the Fall of 2018.

House of Holland took a minute to start up. Originally when Emma had created the Instagram page, it took her two weeks to sell only a mere six pairs of earrings. This seems comedic now considering it only takes seconds before one pair is snatched up by the next college girl. However, Emma's humble beginnings started slowly until the Greek life formal season began; and after Emma returned from studying abroad in Italy in May, customers were increasingly eager for earrings. She then started posting flash sales on her Instagram which were a more formal and organized approach to sales for her now iconic business.

Even though House of Holland was launched in Auburn, Alabama, she now had more customers in Greenville, North Carolina. In fact, Emma had such a large target market that she began purchasing higher quantities of accessories for her sales. East Carolina University became infatuated with Emma's eclectic business and demanded more.

Emma knew as the business began to grow that she was going to have to create a game plan. She needed her business to have a unique selling point which is why she decided to make her business personal and create an Instagram page. This way, she as well as the customers had an easy, open line of communication.

Emma likes to describe her style as edgy, constantly changing, and easily influenced. She looks at the world around her for inspiration and loves to push her comfort zone in her style. House of Holland has truly become a fad for girls of all ages across the south and continues to grow in popularity. This unique, affordable, one-stop shop for accessories has become so successful that Emma is currently working on creating a website for House of Holland.

As college girls continue to rave over Emma's business, we look forward to the release of her new website and what is to come in the future. Check out House of Holland today and see what all the talk is about!

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