Stop Saying Sororities 'Kill Individuality,' It's Not True

Stop Saying Sororities 'Kill Individuality,' We All Know It's Not True

Before you start judging, start knowing.


Recently, I came across a tweet that went viral about how sororities have a certain "dress code" during recruitment. There was a lot of backlash from sorority members and alumni; and a lot of support from those who agreed with her. There were replies back and forth about how the sorority stigma is real and everyone is the same versus the "dress code" is similar to having to dress professionally in a workplace. It just kept going back and forth.

Don't judge something that you know nothing about. Coming into college, I was unsure about joining a sorority but since I only knew only three other girls from my high school, I decided to go through recruitment. During the process, I watched "The House Bunny," which features stereotypical sororities in the movie. I was reminded of why I was a little nervous, but I continued anyway.

It seems intimidating and exciting all at the same time. These girls are dressed similarly and they're all so happy, or peppy if you will. However, there are reasons behind what you see in the process. For one, we dress similarly to differentiate ourselves from the potential new members going through recruitment. In addition, we dress similarly to look more uniform. You might say, "well doesn't that kill individuality?" and with that, I will answer, no, it doesn't.

I say this because even if our colors for that day are red, white and blue (for example), sorority members can get whatever short-or-long-red dress they want. In a workplace, a woman can wear whatever she wants — as long as it is professional and appropriate. It is the same in this case.

Going forward, all sorority girls are definitely not the same; and if you do not believe that then I encourage you to meet more people in Greek life; in multiple sororities at multiple universities.

I am a prime example. According to stereotypes, the only mold I fit is being blonde. That is literally the only thing I can think of. Aside from that, I study international business (which involves many difficult courses may I say), I have worked two jobs while going to school, have branched out to other clubs within my community, and have different interests than other members in my sorority. That's one of the reasons why I love it.

If that is not enough for someone to be convinced; I would like to point out that we have differences further than our various Netflix show options. Our majors vary, the clubs we join around campus vary, and we all come from different kind of family backgrounds where someone was raised by a single mom or another woman chose to support herself when she went to college. I've met tons of these girls. Our majors consist of nursing, accounting, communications, psychology, criminal justice, and so on. Our clubs consist of The Odyssey, student ambassadors, the student-alumni association, and more.

We are human beings and we make our own decisions ultimately.

Don't judge me for my clubs and interests, when I don't judge yours. End of story.

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There’s a reason the Vodka/Water/Lime is the number one drink at The Strip every weekend.

We’ve all been through it. Whether it was sometime in high school, out freshman year of college or the day we turned 21, at some point you have or will tried to order a drink while you’re out on the town. I’m here to end all the experimentation, and give you a go-to drink that is sweeping across college campuses everywhere, the Vodka-Water-Lime, and the reasons why, are clear to see.

1. It will keep you hydrated

It may seem trivial but hydration is key if you’re planning on drinking any amount any time, or so I have been told. But let’s face it, biology grants us the ability to chug concoctions called 4-Lokos with ease while drinking the recommended amount of water per day almost impossible. The drink that solves both issues—Vodka-Water-Lime.

2. It doesn't taste that bad

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first, but this drink isn’t that bad to swallow, especially when you think about some of the other things you could be drinking. There’s a reason why the only way people can drink tequila is in shot from or in a lime slushy. As the old saying goes: if you drink enough everything just tastes like water, and this one already has water in it!

3. It gets you drunk

That’s right. It does the job. Isn’t that really all we want in a drink anyway, everything else is just trivial.

4. It establishes immediate common-ground

What is that girl next to you at the bar about to order? You guessed it. Now imagine that you are about to order the same thing, she is practically begging to dance on you at this point, it’s that easy.

5. Easy, Quick, Universal

There are just three simple ingredients, and the amounts of which are subject to your personal preference and tolerance levels. It doesn’t require the aid of Chet the self-proclaimed mixologist to make—it’s so easy a baby could do it! And it’s known virtually everywhere, if you’re ever in a place that doesn’t have either vodka, water, or limes, you’re probably there against your will anyway.

6. Health Benefits

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7. It's shameless

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NOTE: limes can be substituted for other in-season citrus fruits.

There’s a reason the Vodka-Water-Lime is the number one drink at The Strip every week. The facts are there; it’s not fake news. Vodka-Water-Lime should be your new drink. It’s not just something you adopt in college or for a few nights out, it’s a lifestyle. The Vodka-Water-Lime is classy and sophisticated, it is a drink that you can order somewhere fancy like a restaurant or a Carnival cruise ship, or even on your wedding night.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I'm A Sorority Girl And A ROTC Member, It's The Best Of Both Worlds

Instead of only being in ROTC or only being involved in Greek life, why not be part of both?


I feel like I live a double life. Some weekends I spend going to date parties and sports games. Other weekends, I am stuck in a field doing land navigation and eating MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). A friend once described this lifestyle as having "multiple hats." She explained it as you have a hat for each different part of your life. For example, my main difference is my ROTC and sorority hat.

ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. In the short term, this means that I am training to be an Officer in the United States Army. When I graduate college, I will then start my career in the Army. The way I present my "ROTC hat" now is going to determine my career later on. My hat shows me I have to be motivated and strict. My obligations include dedicating my mornings, class time, and extra volunteer hours to ROTC. Being up at 5 a.m. three days a week and taking 21 credit hours my second semester of college is a perfect example of why I have to stay motivated and strict on my self.

Being in a sorority, however, is the perfect breath of fresh air that helps me stay sane. It is a support system and friendship. My sorority helps me realize that college is supposed to be a fun life experience, not just a step in life. My "sorority hat" is carefree and fun. Although I am very busy with my other obligations, my sorority makes it easy to stay involved with date parties and philanthropy events.

In my position, I have been very overwhelmed trying to be successful with every hat I put on. Coming into college, I was very skeptical about sorority recruitment because I was worried about not being able to juggle it all. I am here now finishing up my freshman year of college, so thankful I pushed myself to be completely submerged in involvement. Being as involved as I am has helped me gain best friends as well as great memories.

I have been pushed to the limit these past two semesters, but it shows me what I am capable of. Finishing my freshman year, I am more confident in myself and what I want in life. Having these obligations has helped me develop time management skills. With the help of my two hats, I stay level headed and they have helped me realize that I can be who I want to be. Just because I am in ROTC does not mean I have to fit in a cookie cutter shape of being a cadet, just like being in a sorority does not mean I am a reflection of the stereotype of sorority girls. Just in my first year of college, I have already learned so much from both of these organizations and they have helped me develop into who I am today.

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