Sore Legs Never Felt So Good

Sore Legs Never Felt So Good

We dance until there aren't any more sick kids.

As I type, it's been 48 hours since two thousand Boilermakers stood for those who can't at the Purdue University Dance Marathon. We stood, we danced and we made it through the 18-hour adventure toward a goal; to dream a little bigger, reach a little higher and make a difference in the lives of families who would be lost without the miracles that happen at Riley Hospitals for Children. Not only did we have the privilege and honor to help Riley families everywhere in their fight, but we also got to meet amazing people and create friendships that will last a lifetime. 

I'll begin by saying that if you've been on the fence before about becoming involved with Dance Marathon, you should hop off that fence over to the side that will challenge you to be a part of something bigger than yourself. My involvement in Dance Marathon these last four years has changed my life in such profound ways. 

I've never been a part of a more moving and eye-opening experience. I think gaining a true appreciation of how lucky we are to live the lives we do is extremely valuable, but Dance Marathon will do so much more than that for you. Over the course of my involvement in Dance Marathon, my fundraising total has increased exponentially every year because I get into competition with myself to make the biggest positive impact I possibly can. I've deepened my involvement by joining the Greek Relations Committee and hope to join the executive team next year. Dance Marathon has given me a profound appreciation for my own life and has also driven me to give up more and more of myself each year to help others. It made me realize the potential that a small, but highly motivated group of caring people has to change lives. More importantly, my involvement in Dance Marathon will continue to allow me to realize that potential in the future. 

I think I can speak for everyone that has been affected by Dance Marathon when I say that it has instilled a philanthropic attitude and dedication to service that I'll take with me where ever I go and incorporate into everything I do. Dance Marathon opened up a perspective on life that has fundamentally changed me as a person. It has empowered me and the nearly two thousand people who stood with me for 18 hours with the knowledge that the world is a better place because we were here. 

Dance Marathon has also given me a family I never thought I would have. I share a bond with everyone that I danced with last month. After seeing the final total after those 18 long hours, we all realized how truly important each and every one of us was to reaching our goal. Every single one of us, from the executive board to the individual dancer, had to dream a little bigger to raise the bar from last year. If everyone at the marathon had raised just one less dollar, we wouldn't have broken the record. No one played an insignificant role. Everyone had a hand in making miracles happen that day. 

With all that said, words cannot truly describe what Dance Marathon has given me. It has taught me that I can gain the most by giving back. It taught me that one person can change the world. Maybe we can't change the world for everyone, but giving a struggling family the chance to stay together for little while longer is priceless. Being a part of the miracle will change your life, I guarantee it. 

So I'll see you at next year's marathon, where I hope to be wearing a black polo shirt as a member of the executive board. I'll only be here for the fall semester, and I can't think of a better way to end my career at Purdue than with sore legs and a full heart. 

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50 One Liners Drunk Girls Say

It happens to the best of us.

We all know it when we see it; drunk girls are always easy to spot and will say or scream at least two of following things below on a night out after a few (too many) drinks.

1. I'm not even drunk

2.Do you want to get food?

3. Is he cute?

4. What should I get to drink?

5. Should I text him?

6. I'm literally fine.

7. I'm going to cry.

8. I'm leaving right now.

9. This is my favorite song.

10. Will you dance with me?

11. I haven't even had that much to drink.

12. I hate him.

13. Why won't he text me back?

14. I can't believe this.

15. Do you want a shot?

16. Ppppllleeeeaasssee.

17. Who was that?

18. Let's go to a different bar.

19. I'm never drinking again

20. How did I get this drunk?

21. Let's stop at Five Guys.

22. I'm calling an Uber.

23. Why do I still like him?

24. I'm calling him.

25. Will you help button my body suit?

26. Will you take our picture?

27. Why is Uber surging already?

28. Let's late night.

29. I'm just really upset.

30. Do you want a drink?

31. What should I make my Instagram caption?

32. Do I look fat?

33. Get in this picture.

34. OMG, *insert crush* is at *insert bar*, let's go!

35. He texted me.

36. I just found my husband.

37. Look at him, omg.
38. Wait, is that __ from biology?

39. I am so hungry.

40. He asked me to come over.

41. Where are you going?

42. I am not going over to his house.

43. I am going home.

44. I'm exhausted.

45. I'm going to throw up.

46. Do you have a hair tie?

47. I'm bored.

48. I think I'm dying.

49. Will you call me in the morning?

50. I'm going to sleep so good tonight.

Cover Image Credit: Kortney Hall

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I Chose A Traditional Dorm My Freshman Year, And Honestly? Best. Decision. Ever.

This year was the perfect chance to have an experience I would probably never get again.

Choosing a place to live your first year of college can bring about a lot of anxiety.

What dorm will I live in? Who will I live with? What if we don’t get along? The list goes on and on and on…

Coming to college, I chose to live in a traditional style dorm. Meaning that my roommate and I shared a room. There weren’t any doors to close for privacy. I didn’t have any of my own space beside my bed. We shared it all. Every day. Every moment.

I had never shared a room before and figured I never would until I eventually get married, so I thought this year was the perfect chance to have an experience I would probably never get again.

For some people, a traditional style dorm is not a good choice. For others, their roommate situation ends badly. But for me, I was blessed with an amazing roommate and an overall great experience.

After reflecting on my year, I had one major take away that I think is worth sharing.

I was never alone. That may seem obvious, but I think there’s more to this than meets the eye.

I had no private intimacy. And, man, it was something amazing.

Every moment that I would usually spend alone, my roommate became a part of.

She witnessed my tears. The soft cries and the loud, ugly ones. She watched anxiety overcome me as I waited for the phone calls about things I had interviewed for. She got to hear conversations with people from home. She saw my lonely days and my joyous ones. She witnessed prayers of gratitude and prayers asking for answers. She was there for it all.

My intimate moments became hers. And hers became mine. It truly was a whole new kind of vulnerability

You see, when you think about it, that’s really something special. I became victim to a whole new kind of openness this year. I didn’t get to be alone. I didn’t get to close the door and shut the world out. I didn’t get to put on a mask that I was perfect and had my life together. She saw me at my best, and she saw me at my worst.

And looking back, that’s exactly what I needed.

This year taught me to share my moments. The hard ones, the awkward ones, and the anxious ones. To let people in. To revel in the uncomfortable.

I’m grateful she was there to rub my back in moments of hurt and hold my hand in moments of anxiety. And although we will probably never share the same space like that again, we will always have the little moments that left a mark on our college experience. In many ways, I am thankful for her presence in my moments this year. It made them unique. It made them real. And it made them ours.

Thank you, Kaley.

1432, will be missed.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Coffman

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