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Moving Back To Lexington, Ready For Sophomore Year

I've been in Lexington for three weeks now and I'm so ready for sophomore year.

Katelyn Dougherty

Three weeks ago, I packed up my room once again and I moved back to Lexington to start my sophomore year of college. Moving away from home was definitely easier this year compared to last. However, it definitely poses many challenges and learning curves still. Last year, I lived in a dorm and that in itself was an experience. This year I am living in my sorority house which has been so much fun so far. Although the sorority house has been fun, I definitely have learned a lot about myself in the three short weeks I've been here already. I've learned to share a room and be mindful of others lives and schedules, something I've never had to do before. Growing up, I've always had my own bedroom and bathroom until now. For the first time ever, I've had to share a room and it has been both the most challenging thing, as well as the best learning experience for me.

I moved into the sorority house a week before classes start to prepare for sorority recruitment. The week is called "spirit week." This week is full of countless hours spent surrounded by girls in my sorority running on pretty much no sleep practicing the conversations we will be having during sorority recruitment. At the University of Kentucky, this year we did recruitment during school which made it a two-week process which was different from years past. This change in recruitment made for an interesting move in day and made the transition back to school interesting as well. At the end of the day though, this process was all worth it because our bid day was so much fun. Sorority recruitment can be stressful but also so much fun at the same time. The most exciting day of the year is bid day. This is the day we as active members see our new members run home to us, so excited to be a part of our sisterhood. Often times, this day is full of tears and a feeling of complete relief. Recruitment is a very stressful time, but it is also such a fun time as well.

This year, I plan to accomplish many things. Most importantly, I plan to spend time working on myself rather than putting others before me. These are both goals I will need to work hard at in order to achieve, but I had a whole year! Last year, I found myself putting others before myself and not taking care of myself in the ways I needed to in order to be the best version of myself. Although putting others before my self is good in a lot of situations, for me personally, it has done nothing for me except place a lot of pressure on myself.

Overall, I am extremely excited to be back at the University of Kentucky with my best friends and I'm very excited for what this year has to bring!

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