The World's First Robot Citizen: Is "Sophia" Worth It?
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The World's First Robot Citizen: Is "Sophia" Worth It?

Why her creation will only lead to our demise.

The World's First Robot Citizen: Is "Sophia" Worth It?
Alex Knight on Unsplash

It is undeniable that there is something offsetting and creepy about this new robot, Sophia that’s gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia. She’s taking the world by storm, appearing on talk shows, and displaying her remarkable intelligence to masses while also nonchalantly stating she plans to dominate and annihilate the human race.

But hey, we live in a world of technology where we can command our phones to do almost virtually whatever we ask it, so what’s accepting a robot into our society as one of our own?

Honestly, developing artificial intelligence such as Sophia seems like a good idea now, but we’re talking about an invention that’s mimicking a human, with higher intelligence. From this standpoint, I only see problems with this, and possibly an apocalyptic world similar to the movie "I, Robot."

First of all, can we first consider the fact that humans themselves don’t even have their own act together, yet scientists are creating robots who want to walk, talk and be accepted just as humans are?

It strikes a cord that there are women in Saudi Arabia who have suffered for years trying to gain the same rights Sophia was practically given upon her creation. While everyone has open arms for Sophia, a robot, there are literally African Americans and other minorities who get treated like animals, are often ridiculed, and who will possibly never be accepted as widely as she has simply because of their ethnicity or their cultural background!

That only brings me to my next point: what she learns in her journey as a robot.

As an entire species, we are really messed up. There is not one environment on the entirety of this Earth where Sophia’s creator can place her in that will help her learn how to become the perfect race because ultimately, if her intelligence exceeds beyond the information she was stored with, she will eventually begin to learn human behavior, emotions, etc.

So, as I mentioned above, the issue is with people accepting her, yet humans still treating other humans like anything other than what they are.

Sophia is going to be exposed to many different types of individuals in her lifetime outside of her home in whichever laboratory she’s being held in. She will learn certain behavior from people, assuming she’ll learn almost in the same fashion that humans do -- through observation.

Considering race and its rising prominence in our society, will her creators teach her racism is wrong? Or will she contribute to the slaughter of millions of innocent minorities? Will she learn from society on how to treat certain people? Or will she be taught to treat everyone equally and possibly bring an end to this race issue that’s endured for centuries?

Lastly, I only want to know how she will be taught empathy and how to have a conscious.

There are serial killers and murderers, who when asked if they had any remorse or emotion towards killing another human being, said they had no remorse and actually got a thrill out of their heinous crimes. Here we have a robot, who to my knowledge, is devoid of empathy, or any known emotions.

If one day Sophia makes a mistake and, oh I don’t know, decides to derail a city bus because she wants to begin the domination of the human race (as she’s stated in several interviews already), how will she be taught that this is wrong?

The scientists who have created her are already programming her to be as intelligent as intelligent gets, so what if even after being taught empathy, emotion and determining right from wrong, what if because of her large capacity of knowledge, she somehow figures out how to override her own system?

What if she actually begins to rationalize her own thoughts beyond the basic understanding that she was taught?

Maybe I’m just crazy, but the way technology is advancing these days, I would not be surprised that through all the advancements and developments that she is sure to undergo, if one of these hypotheticals above actually manifest. So when you have “Mike,” Sophia’s lovely counterpart, as your next door neighbor, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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