Savasana is widely regarded as one of the most relaxing, yet most difficult yoga postures. While this posture encourages the body's relaxation response, it can be hard to unwind if your mind is racing or your body feels restless. The key to settling in Savasana lies in focusing on your breath awareness, which gives an active mind a job to do. This can look like counting breaths (inhale for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts) or just mentally noticing when your inhales and exhales naturally come and go. Further, listening to soothing music can help release stress and chronic tension by making your environment more peaceful and tranquil.

Here are a handful of Savasana songs that I use in my personal practice and include in the playlists for the classes I teach. Listen to snippets of the tracks and see if any immediately resonate with you, or sound particularly calming and soothing. Dim the lights in your room and lay on your back with any bolsters or blankets you need to feel comfortable. As your arms rest by your side, you may want to open your palms in a gesture of receiving or rest your hands on your belly or ribcage to tune into your breathing.

1. Savasana - Josh Brill

2. Bliss - Sacred Earth

3. Even If You're Never Awake - Stars Of The Lid

4. Articulate Silences Pt. 1 - Stars Of The Lid

5. The Plains of Dover - Ceilidh

6. Waters of Life (Sacral Chakra) - Sarah Benson, Andi Goldman, and Jonathan Goldman

7. The Southern Sea - Garth Stevenson