Songs For You And Boo This Cuffing Season
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10 Songs For You And Your New Boo To Christen Your First Cuffing Season Together

I'm not responsible if you and your partner make a baby because of this playlist.

10 Songs For You And Your New Boo To Christen Your First Cuffing Season Together

The weather is getting colder and the nights are getting longer. Partying and being out is no longer a top option because you just want to chill with your boo and cuddle and other grown folk things. Below are ten songs just for chilling and provide sensual vibes from artists you may or may not know and some of these songs may be a tad bit old. But good music never goes out of style. So, it's officially cuffing season folks, time to get the cuffing.

"Mood" by dvsn 

This song by neo-soul singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 (aka dvsn) are masters are turning the simplest things into a soulful masterpiece. This song could be considered an ode to the baby-maker master of the song himself, D'Angelo, as "Mood" resonates an "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" vibe. The longing falsetto from Daley and the consistent squeak of the piano line turn this song into something you and your partner need to have on a joint playlist.

The song speaks of making time for one another and Daley understands that many people would want his partner. As he sings, the bass only gets heavier, peaking at a captivating guitar solo towards the end. The song has a heavy yet light feel and the songs wrap around you like a strong lover's hold. "Mood" was released on the album Morning After last year and can be found on all major streaming services.

"Special Affair" byThe Internet (or really anything by The Internet)

If you have never heard of The Internet, get ready because you're about to have a new favorite R'n'B group to listen to. The band came to as a side project from Odd Future members Syd and Matt Martians. The Internet formed in early 2011 and now consist of the following members: Sydney Bennett "Syd" (vocals), Steve Lacy (vocals and guitar), Matthew Martin (keyboard and vocals), Patrick Paige II (bass guitar) and Christopher Smith (drums). The song for this list, "Special Affair" off of their third album Ego Death starts with a sultry bass line and rhythmic drums to match.

Syd, known for her silky voice, sings about a one-night stand and proceeds to call it a special affair. The song sets the perfect mood for a chill night and doesn't add any pressure to the environment. Although still unknown to some, The Internet is developing a fast following after their fourth album Hive Mind came out this past summer and they kicked off their tour.

"Close to You" by Dreezy featuring T-Pain 

Another slow jam for you and your boo! Off of her 2016 album, "No Hard Feelings," singer Dreezy teams up with autotune legend, T-Pain for a slow jam about being physically and emotionally close. The song premiered two years ago on Beats 1 and is still on constant rotation within my playlist. The combination of the saxophones and the mellow beat soothes the ears as Dreezy's alto voice sings. This song keeps the energy like the previous songs and the artist only wants to be close to the person they are singing about.

"Get You" by Daniel Caesar featuring Kali Uchis 

Lemme tell y'all something. If you don't know about Daniel Caesar, you are out of God's will, OK? While "Get You" is more about self-reflecting on past loves, Caesar explained in an interview with Billboard that "Get You" is a song of praise to a love I didn't even feel I deserved at the time." This song is an overall praise to love and the euphoria one feels when with their lover and they "see it." They see the thing that made them fall in love in the first place.

Caesar also combined his relationship with God and his relationship with his lover to help create this song off his album "Freudian." The lyrics are raw and unfiltered, "Every time I look into your eyes I see it. You're all I need."Caesar has consistently provided music lovers with a breath of fresh air every time he opens his mouth.

"So Badly" (Single Version) by JMSN

This funky blue-eyed artist I mentioned in one of my previous articles and I love JMSN. JMSN sings about wanting his lover but is afraid he can't compete with her sex appeal. JMSN captures the funk and soul many crave for nowadays with R and B and it makes sense. JMSN provides soulfully good music for you and your boo. JMSN's whole discography provides great music for chilling or just to listen to when you're alone.

"Beauty & Essex" by Free Nationals featuring Daniel Caesar

With his second appearance on this list and this band's first, "Beauty & Essex" by band Free Nationals is perfect, new song that came right on time for the cold weather. The band's first single was released about two weeks ago and so far has been gaining a lot of traction due to the Daniel Caesar feature and the mellow beat. Free Nationals is so far making their way onto many people's R'n'B playlists due to their funky mellow groove that is sure to have you and your partner enjoying the song.

"While We're Young" by Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko is no stranger to making love songs and this one proves it. "While We're Young" is about devotion and love no matter the odds and how she wants to spend the rest of her days, nights, and life with her lover. Jhene Aiko's airy, sweet tone is easily one of the best things about her work along with the writing that comes with it. Aiko uses that tone to perfectly emulate the light, airy feeling of being in love with someone and she's able to do just that with "While We're Young".

"Lights On" by H.E.R.

On the more seductive side of the spectrum is "Lights On" by H.E.R. H.E.R. is uses her anonymity as an artist to focus solely on her music. In "Lights On" she sings about switching it up in the bedroom and wants her lover to "leave the lights on". While we do not actually know who exactly H.E.R. is, as she hides behind shades and dark lighting during her live shows, we do know that she has a way with words and a way with songs. No matter the occasion.

"Easily" by Bruno Major

Not Bruno Mars. Not Bruno Mars. Not Bruno Mars. I know I made this mistake when I first saw this song pop up on my Spotify and became very confused when I thought Bruno Mars changed his name and completely started singing in a different register, but no this is Bruno Major! Bruno Major croons to a simple beat and a few strings of an electric guitar as he sings about love not coming easily and doesn't mean they shouldn't try. Any hopeless romantic would take this song and run for the hills with it as it defines a moment in a person's life where they really want to try and stick it out through a relationship. "Easily" manages to capture the beauty and pain of love and how love can be a hard thing when it wants to.

"The List" by Moonchild 

The final song on this list is called "The List"! See what I did there? To wrap this up, we have Moonchild who is talking about the opposite of what we're talking in this article. She's talking about all the things she actually can't stand about the person she fell in love with. "I hate you make me nervous. I always say the wrong things." She's always running to the person and the list just keeps getting longer and longer as she stays with them. In "The List," the keys and the horns melt perfectly together to create a five-minute masterpiece. While the song is about trying to get away from this stifling love, the song is still good. If you want, just ignore the meaning and just enjoy the beat. It helps.

Well, folks, I'm afraid that's the end of the list! All of these songs are available on major music streaming services. Special shoutout to Spotify for literally playing random songs and giving more music and artists to fall in love with. While some of these songs are older than others and some artists are different from others, regardless, the proof of the creativity is in the music.

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