'Songs That Save My Life' Actually Will Save Lives

Everyone has a song in their life, that changes their life completely. Whether it helped them out of depression or helped saved their life during the worst of times. Recently, on November 8th, Hopeless Records took the liberty of creating a wholesome compilation album in hopes to help and honor suicide prevention. Lately, in the midst of celebrity deaths, a lot of musicians have died due to the danger of depression and resulting in suicide. Musicians like the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, and Avicii.

Hopeless Records, in partnership with Sub City Records, decided to pay respect to those who have committed suicide, and honor Suicide Prevention month by creating an album titled, "Songs That Saved My Life"(2018). This is a compilation of songs covered by artists and bands in the rock industry who feel have had an emotional connection with a song that ultimately changed or saved them through the roughest of times. Some songs include favorites like Crawling by Linkin Park, covered by Dream State. As well as Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, covered by Dance Gavin Dance. Each band successfully packs their own take on their song and pay brilliant homage to the original songs respectfully.

Another note is, that most lead singers or artists from each band featured all have a video each describing how those songs they've covered saved them. Or how the songs they've covered have such a big importance to them and helped guide them through personal struggles. This is wholesome because it gives the audience a closer connection to each artist and it showcases that even role models have rough days as well.

Everyone has a song that guides or helps them through terrible thoughts or times where life felt too much to deal with. Personally, the song that saved my life is "Dementia" by Owl City featuring Blink 182's Mark Hoppus. The song always spoke to me and helped me through pre-ninth grade depression after eighth-grade graduation, when all my friends and I were going our own separate ways and the thoughts of losing them scared me. The song even helped me through hard breakups and moments where my anxiety would run rampant. It's lyrics and relatability hit so close to home and was the go-to song that would save me through each depressive moment, even til now.

Suicide is a serious matter we all face today, if you or someone you know is facing depression or is considering suicide, please do not hesitate to seek them out and help. Helping those who don't have the strength to help themselves is really important. Every form of help is a life saved. Below are several numbers you can contact, suicide prevention websites, a link to Songs That Saved My Life and Spotify playlist and Linkin Park's suicide prevention fund, One More Light.

Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Songs That Saved My Life

Songs That Saved My Life Playlist

One More Light

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