Country star Kenny Chesney has a new song that has been making its way up the Top 40. However, even a cursory listen reveals that he's singing with another superstar: Alecia Moore, otherwise known as P!nk. The idea of the two of them singing together is odd, but the song's drum machine beats and keyboard washes prove that it's not a country song that's more common these days. Still, hearing P!nk sing country is yet another genre where she stretches herself into proving she can sing anything. The proof isn't hard to find.


It's hard to believe, but P!nk was one of the myriad of teen pop stars that broke out at the turn of the millenium, though it's hard to compete against Britney and Christina. One of her first hits, "There You Go", fits more in the mold of R&B that was contemporary at the time. Though she's remembered for a different sound (even if she would revisit R&B again), Ms. Moore proved out of the gate that she was fierce from the beginning.


Though quirky, P!nk's ultra-danceable hit is a banger. Though it's an anamoly on her breakthrough modern classic album, it later paved the way for other hits that you could stomp to, both more rock-tinged and poppy.


This is perhaps the most recognizable P!nk sound. Missundaztood showed that P!nk was different, which not only helped solidify her place in pop history, but also helped make her more addictive. Her punk tendencies give her music muscle, whether delivering a perfect slice of pop-punk, going in a more brooding direction, or straight-out tearing down everyone in her way. Get ready to headbang.


P!nk has also done her fair share of ballads. They take different forms, be they string-aided weepers, piano-dominated songs that allows her to flex her vocal muscles, or even duets (this one a ballad that throws in piano and strings, along with other instruments like a huge drum machine). Alecia has proven over time to be a jack of all trades.


P!nk is even so talented and not afraid to take risks, she made an entire duet album, under the moniker You+Me with Dallas Green of the outfit City and Colour. Folky songs like this won't make anyone forget the rest of P!nk's discography, though their piano cover of Sade is intriguing. Still, it's gratifying to know she can pull this off.

The list goes on. She can pull off more electronic-flavored songs, including if they're for a movie soundtrack, or for a greatest hits collection (which she released several years ago). No matter what the sound, Kenny Chesney's new hit also serves as a reminder of the virtually limitless talent and adaptability of Alecia Moore. Given that she already had a hit this year, there's no telling what she might pull off next.