When You're Down Listen To Songs That Are Brown
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When You're Down Listen To Songs That Are Brown

Introducing a variety of songs that could be associated with the color brown.

When You're Down Listen To Songs That Are Brown

Once again, it's time to revisit my synesthesia songs category, and as you can guess by the title, the color is brown this week! I've searched through the depths of YouTube, Spotify, old iPods, etc. to find songs that exude a brown vibrancy.

It dawned on me, that perhaps the explanation of my synesthesia wasn't clear in my last article, "Burgundy Bops For The Summer." When I hear certain sounds (specifically songs), I see a color sprout through my mind and sometimes it's so strong that it seems as if I can feel the color. So my listening process for each playlist takes quite a bit of time to pinpoint what song feels about which color. So, with that said here are five brown songs to turn that frown upside down!

1. "Shockandawe" by Miguel

Do you remember that one Friday in school when the sun beamed and everything felt right? Or the natural high you feel after you've faced a fear? Well, this is the theme song to listen to at that moment! The bold rhythm of the guitar is what stands out first because it's a stark contrast to the smooth and sensual sound of Miguel's other songs.

Originally from San Pedro, California, Miguel started singing at the age of thirteen and released his album "All I Want Is You" in 2010. Since his debut album, he has released three more successful albums, written for/collaborated with artists like Beyonce', Mariah Carey, J. Cole, etc. and has incorporated rich culture and diversity within his songs by singing in Spanish as well ("Caramelo Duro" featuring Kali Uchis is a popular example.) Definitely give this song, and many of his other tracks a listen!

Miguel - Shockandawe (Audio) www.youtube.com

2. "Stay Tru" by Mereba

There's a Youtube channel called the "COLORS" show and it offers a platform for new up and coming artists around the world to share their music. Each artist performs one of their songs with necessary instruments and a chosen color as their background. It was here where I first heard Mereba's enchantingly soothing voice in her performance. The song is one of many from her debut album "The Jungle Is The Only Way Out" and it addresses the feeling of one not wanting their feelings played with in a relationship. However, her laid back vibe throughout the performance and overall calm tone juxtapose with the emotion of its content. It was executed in such a smooth way and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen when you have time for yourself.

Mereba - Stay Tru | A COLORS SHOW www.youtube.com

3. "24/7" by Meek Mill featuring Ella Mai

When listening to this song, it took me a while to pinpoint what color I saw. Though, it feels undeniably brown because of its consistent chill vibe. It's from Meek Mill's latest album "Championships" released in November 2018 and samples an acclaimed Beyonce song, "Me, Myself and I," which was released in 2003. Ella Mai's simple yet complex voice glides through the song beautifully and emphasizes the calm and graceful aspect of love. Meek Mill's blunt yet boastful lyrics put a spotlight on the unapologetic adoration love can cause. Overall, it's refreshing to hear a hip-hop song about how love is perceived in this day and age. Give it a listen!

*Explicit Lyrics*

Meek Mill - 24/7 feat. Ella Mai [Official Audio] www.youtube.com

4. "Honey" by Mariah Carey

Released in 1997, the elegant air from beginning to end contrasted with the groovy beat is what makes this song not only brown but a bop! It was the first track on her "Butterfly" album and was produced by Steven Jordan, Diddy (Puff daddy? Puffy? Love?!) and Mariah Carey herself. Carey's exquisitely soft and impressive voice glazes the track and creates a vision of easy and simple love. One that dresses someone up in pure bliss. Give this throwback another listen!

Honey - Mariah Carey www.youtube.com

5. "Love and Happiness" by Al Green

An intriguing concept that many may not fully grasp. Al Green challenged his listeners in 1972 and continues to do so today in this classic song. It's a song that doesn't need to be rushed, it makes the listener slow down and not only think, but feel the message Al Green is trying to portray. The five beats played before the strum of the guitar and keynotes played on the organ stirs up the intensity to a well-timed exhalation. It's passionate, thought-provoking and soothing all at the same time. Give it a listen whenever you're grappling between the two concepts or just want to hear feel good music!

Al Green - Love and Happiness www.youtube.com

I hope you enjoyed the music displayed above, and be on the lookout for the next list of synesthesia songs!

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