25 Songs On My April Playlist
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25 Songs On My April Playlist

Just some good vibes to get you through those April showers!

25 Songs On My April Playlist
Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels

This month I started to get much more experimental with my playlist and think it gives off EXCELLENT springtime vibes. Only good things this April. Here are 25 songs on my April playlist!

1. 'Lay It on Me' — Vance Joy

2. 'Strawberries' — CAAMP

3. 'Piazza, New York Catcher' — Belle and Sebastian

4. 'Friend' — Gracie Abrams

5. 'Turbulence' — Jonah Kagen

6. 'Swing Life Away' — Rise Against

7. 'So Long, Honey' — CAAMP

8. 'Apple Pie' — Lizzy McAlpine

9. 'chaotic' — Tate McRae

10. 'Saturday Sun' — Vance Joy

11. ' I'll Wait' — The Strumbellas

12. 'Twenty-Somethings' — Judah & the Lion

13. 'Snaggletooth' — Vance Joy

14. 'Guiding Light' — Mumford & Sons

15. 'Sleep On The Floor' — The Lumineers

16. 'My Love' — Florence + The Machine

17. 'Perfect Places' — Lorde

18. 'It's Called: Freefall' — Rainbow Kitten Surprise

19. 'Silver Lining' — Mt. Joy

20. 'Meet Me in the Woods' — Lord Huron

21. 'Would That I' — Hozier

22. 'June, After Dark' — Elliot Root

23. 'Happy Accidents' — Saint Motel

24. 'There Will Be Another' — Bronze Radio Return

25. 'Heavy' — Birdtalker

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