7 Songs You Must Listen To This November Before You Start Jamming To Christmas Tunes

As we approach the last few months of 2017 we prepare to leave my favorite season, fall. The cold chill in the air will increase and before you whip out the Christmas carols, here are seven soothing songs to reflect on and leave 2017 with.

1. "Autumn Leaves" by Ed Sheeran

A beautiful bonus track off his + album. An acoustic song showcasing his calm vocals play for the best song to calm your nerves.

2. "Cold Wind" by Joshua Hyslop

Off his EP entitled "Cold Wind" reminds you of the love that you haven’t quite let go of. A song to remind anyone of your dedication.

3. "Cloud in Your Sky" by Without Gravity

From the album Tenderfoot, a song heavily lead by strumming of guitars and powerful drums. All tied together with the haunting vocals of lead singer Kalli. This band is sadly no longer together, but you can keep listening to Kalli in his solo albums and EP.

4. "In the Mourning" by Paramore

A bonus track on their "Singles Club" EP. This song brilliantly showcasing Hayley Williams vocals. A great song to remind you to pick yourself up and move on from the one who treated you badly.

5. "Caught a Long Wind" by Feist

Powerfully lead by the strong vocals of Leslie Feist and the enchantingly calm strings in the background. Connecting your thoughts and actions to the action of letting go using the wind to lose your troubles.

6. "Just a Game" by Birdy

From the vocalist who brought us "Skinny Love" comes powerful vocals tied with beautiful cords on the piano. A song you will listen to on repeat just to listen to Birdy’s soothing voice.

7. "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice

Mixed with the chilling vocals of featured vocalist Lisa Hannigan and the beautiful combination of strings and piano. A song you’ve often heard on episodes of shows like "Grey's Anatomy" comes a song apologizing for having that person you shouldn’t have on your mind.

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