30 Songs On My March Playlist
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30 Songs On My March Playlist

A vibey playlist to hopefully get us out of spring and into winter!

30 Songs On My March Playlist

As per usual, a new month means a new playlist. I am pretty stoked about this one because it has a lot of songs that are new to me, and I think just overall has a really great and unique vibe! Hopefully you can find some musical inspiration with these 30 songs on my March playlist:

1. "The Bottom" — Gracie Abrams

Listen to anything and everything on her EP, "This Is What It Feels Like", PLEASE.

2. "reckless driving" — Lizzy McAlpine, Ben Kessler

3. "Drowning" — Jonah Kagen

4. "Some Kind of Disaster" — All Time Low

5. "Keep it up" — Rex Orange County

6. "Teenager In Love" — Neon Trees

7. "26" — CAAMP

8. "I Feel Good About This" — The Mowgli's

9. "Take Your Time" — Vance Joy

10. "Crown Vic (Black Cloud)" — joe p

11. "Punching Bag" — Wallice

12. "Complicated" — Olivia O'Brien

This is such a beautiful and soothing cover.

13. "Postcard from Italy" — Beirut

Beirut has a super unique sound and is far too underrated.

14. "Destination" — Nickel Creek

15. "horror story" — Arden Jones

16. "Long Sleeves" — Gracie Abrams

Definitely listen to this song with headphones in, it will scratch your brain.

17. Hey Lover!" — Wabie

18. "Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me?" — Lawrence

19. "I'm Trying (Not Friends)" — Maisie Peters

20. "Listerine" — Cece Coakley

21. "Trashfire" — Tommy Lefroy

22. "Pictures" — The Backseat Lovers

23. "10 Steps" — Christian Leave

24. "ivy" — Taylor Swift

25. "The Louvre" — Lorde

26. "Home for the Summer" — Sara Kays

27. "Sunday Morning" — Maroon 5

Needed a throwback in there!

28. "California Friends" — The Regrettes

Kind of a dope band name.

29. "Stella Brown" — Jelani Aryeh

30. "She" — dodie

Had to end on a sweet note:)

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