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10 Songs I Will Jam Out To Every Time They Come On

I know I sound like a dying cat, but I'm a cute cat.

Jessica Price

There are some songs I just can't help but sing to every time they come on, no skip, no pause, full on max volume screaming at the top of my lungs.

1. "Good Girls Go Bad"

Cobra Starship touched my school self and made her fly.

2. "Shake It"

Does Metro Station have any other songs?

3. "Mr. Brightside"

I don't even remember learning this song. And I sure as hell can't tell you who "The Killers" are, but I will ALWAY sing this one.

4. "Gives You Hell"

Again, Middle School me is loving this play list. Thank you "All American Rejects"

5. "Jasey Rae"

"All Time Low" became a staple of my childhood. To this day they are still my favorite band, this may not always be my favorite song but it is one hell of a jam.

6. "Face Down"

"Do you feel like a man as you push her around...." Red Jump Suit Apparatus was an icon...but I only know this song. But its good!

7. "Hot Mess"

Cobra Starship is hitting the list again with their single "Hot Mess". Fun fact, they paid someone to get the words Hot Mess tattooed on the inside of her lip for their CD Cover.

8. "American Idiot"

Greed Day is a legend and will be remembered for ever because honestly, "I don't wanna be an American Idiot"

9. "The Anthem"

Good Charlotte is another one of my Middle School bands that made it into adulthood with me, and "The Anthem" is a classic at any age!

10. "Talk Dirty to Me"

My momma trained me right. Poison is an iconic band from the 80s and deserves so much more recognition then they get. "CC Pick up that guitar and a-talk to me"

I have been a music junky my whole life. So picking just my top 10 best jams wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The truth is I could go on forever, music speaks to the soul and rocks the mind.

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