Spring break isn't just a week off from school, it's a lifestyle. Some people go to the beach, some people throw a party, and some people catch up on some couch-sitting, but we can all agree that spring break is more than just a vacation. Spring break is that little taste of freedom right before the end of the semester that shows you what you have to look forward to in the summer. It's a week with no obligations and no stress. Whether you're going on a road trip or staying home on the couch, these songs will put you in the perfect spring break mood.

1. "Throw Shade" by CRUISR

"Throw Shade" is from the summer of 2015, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. CRUISR utilizes an upbeat, pop-rocky sound with fun and catchy lyrics to sing along to. This song is like listening to summer, which is perfect for the spring break vibe.

2. "Life's Too Short" by Wild Party

This song, from Wild Party's 2014 album "Phantom Pop", is all about taking chances, even if you don't know where things will lead. The energetic melody and charismatic vocals make you want to dance no matter where you are. This fun, uplifting track is this a great addition to any spring break playlist.

3. "Atlas" by COIN

You might recognize COIN from their 2016 hit single "Talk Too Much", or maybe from your Spotify recommended (which is how I discovered them). "Atlas" is an earlier song released on their debut self-titled album in 2015. COIN combines stylish instrumentation with bright vocals to create a cheery track that fits perfectly with the spring break mood.

4. "Wish It Was Love" by Cemetery Sun

Many hours in my car have been filled with obnoxious scream-singing to this song. The catchy guitar riff and memorable lyrics make this song impossible to forget (and you definitely won't want to). "Wish It Was Love" uses fairly simplistic instrumentation, allowing the vocals to shine through. This song takes any playlist to the next level!

5. "Breaking Up My Bones" by Vinyl Theatre

Vinyl Theatre's 2014 EP includes "Breaking Up My Bones", a showcase of the band's sound. This track is the perfect mix between electronic and alternative, including a bouncy synth intro that leads into electric guitar. If you like Walk The Moon or Two Door Cinema Club, then Vinyl Theatre is for you. The danceable guitar solo, along with the talented vocalists and strong rhythms, make this song memorable.