Sometimes, just listening to sad/calming music is enough to help calm you down, whether you’re sad, anxious, or upset. So here’s a list of calm vibe-y music with sad undertones that could possibly make you cry/are just simply nice to listen to. The lyrics are emotional and the music is somber while, all the while, not sounding completely hopeless.

Black Flies by Ben Howard

Smother by Daughter

Lua by Bright Eyes

Medicine by Daughter

Sleep Don’t Weep by Damien Rice

Me by The 1975

Poison Oak by Bright Eyes

She Lays Down by The 1975

Holes by LAYLA

To Build a Home by the Cinematic Orchestra

First Letter From St. Sean by Sorority Noise

Alright by Keaton Henson

The Pugilist by Keaton Henson

Epilogue by Keaton Henson

Lungs by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

One More Cup of Coffee by Rusty Clanton

6/10 by Dodie Clark

Someone to Stay by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Collapse by Vancouver Sleep Clinic