1. Catch Me

Old, but gold.

2. Stone Cold

Sad, but a great song if you're going through moving on from someone.

3. Really Don't Care ft. Cher Lloyd

Let the haters roll off your back and show them you really don't care.

4. Father

This song is a good example of how open and honest she is with her music. It gives you a glimpse into her real life.

5. Warrior

Once again, another song showing a glimpse into her life. This is a special one talking about her recovery and how strong she came out on top of it all.

6. Made in the USA

This is a fun, summer-vibes song that's a great tune to sing along to.


This song in particular is one that makes me respect her the most as a person and an artist. She is so real towards her fans and she's trying so hard to be the best of her ability.

Needless to say, Demi is love, Demi is life. Not exactly, but you get the point.