30 Songs On My Back-To-School Playlist For Walks To And From Class
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30 Songs On My Back-To-School Playlist For Walks To And From Class

Headed back to in-person classes means you need a pretty banging playlist to power you through those walks to class.

30 Songs On My Back-To-School Playlist For Walks To And From Class
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels

I don't know about you, but I start each day off with a one-mile walk to class. I have to have good tunes flowing through my ears during those 20 minutes, not to mention the walks between classes and the walks home. So, here is my 30 song playlist to get me through this almost unfamiliar concept we call walking to class.

1. "Record Player" — Daisy the Great, AJ

2. "Lover Boy" — The Front Bottoms

3. "Shit Show" — Peter McPoland

4. "Oak Trees" — Daniel Nunnelee

5. "Wish You Did" — Jonah Kagen

6. "Happier Than Ever" — Billie Eilish

7. "Hotel" — Claire Rosinkranz

8. "Visiting Hours" — Ed Sheeran

9. "nothing else i could do" — ella jane

10. "Glue Myself Shut" — Noah Kahan

11. "thank you" — David Kushner

12. "The Story" — Conan Gray

13. "Moon" — Jonah Kagen

14. "Make You Happy" — Matt Haughey

15. "Fallin' (Adrenaline)" — Why Don't We

16. "San Francisco" — The Mowgli's

17. "(Coffee's For Closers)" — Fall Out Boy

18. "Until We Get There" — Lucius

19. "Third Eye" — Florence + The Machine

20. ''favorite crime" — Olivia Rodrigo

21. "Cleopatra" — The Lumineers

22. "Like Gold" — Vance Joy

23. "Misery Business" — Paramore

24. "Dearly Departed" — Shakey Graves

25. "The Night We Met" — Lord Huron

26. "Sheep" — Mt. Joy

27. "You're Somebody Else" — flora cash

28. "David" — The Strumbellas

29. "Little Lion Man" — Mumford & Sons

30. "Pyro" — Kings of Leon

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