Songs For College Parties

38 Catchy Sing-A-Long Songs Every College-Aged Girl Knows By Heart

Songs that you can't help but sing along to as loud as you can!


Some people are born to sing. (Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Freddie Mercury come to mind!) Their voices are angelic and beautiful. They give you chills every time they hit a note. They are gifted and amazing.

I am not one of those people.

But, I do like to sing, and I like to sing loudly (much to the chagrin of my friends and family). Everyone needs to sing a song as loud as they can every once in a while, so here's a list of universally accepted singalongs for you to jam with!

1. American Idiot

This jam by Green Day will have you headbanging (even if you don't know how to)!

2. Bad Day

This bluesy song by Daniel Powter is the perfect soundtrack for those days when you're craving contrived wistfulness.

3. Billie Jean

Michael Jackson says Billie Jean isn't his lover, so why is he writing a song about her?

4. Bleeding Love

Leona Lewis had all of us crying about heartbreak before we even got our driver's licenses.

5. Bodak Yellow

Is there any song that can hype you up like this one by Cardi B? I think NOT! (Check out my article on how relatable Cardi B is here!)

6. Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen's musical masterpiece has transcended generations.

7. Bye Bye Bye

*does N'SYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye' dance*

8. Dead And Gone

I know it's TI's song by all anyone knows is the Justin Timberlake part. (And, let's be real, that's all that matters)

9. The Devil Went Down To Georgia

You've heard of the air guitar, but this classic by the Charlie Daniels Band will have you playing the air fiddle!

10. Don't Stop Believing

This Journey song is arguably one of the most overplayed songs in history, but dang it we like it!

11. Don't Trust Me

The 3OH!3 that produced one of the most iconic lines in lyrical history: "Tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef/ That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't f****** scared of him!"

12. Fergalicious

We've all tried to sing both parts of Fergie's hit single.

13. Friends In Low Places

The Instagram caption seen 'round the world (or at least the American South) was created when Garth Brooks released this song: "Blame it all on my roots/ That I showed up in boots"

14. Girlfriend

This anthem by Avril Lavigne had us angry at a girl that didn't even exist.

15. Gold Digger

Kanye West & Jamie Foxx = the perfect party song

16. Goodbye Earl

We love The Dixie Chicks, but Wanda & Mary Ann sure didn't like Earl.

17. Gunpowder And Lead

What are little girls made of? Just ask Miranda Lambert.

18. Hey Ya

Outkast had us shaken' it like a Polaroid picture (because this generation still remembers those).

19. i hate u i love you

lowercase letters, uppercase feels. Brought to you by gnash

20. I Will Always Love You

The queen Whitney Houston may be gone, but her version of this song will live on forever!

21. Irreplaceable

Before the Cupid Shuffle, Beyoncé's classic pioneered "to the left, to the left."

22. It's Gonna Be Me

Last day of April memes aside (It's gonna be MAY), N'SYNC's song will get you pumped up!

23. Lady Marmalade

The cast of Moulin Rouge had us singing "Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada" before we even realized what this song was about.

24. Lip Gloss

Personally, I know this Lil Mama song by heart, and you should too!

25. Livin' On A Prayer

If you don't scream "WOAHHH WE'RE HALFWAY THERE" when this Bon Jovi song comes on, you can't be my friend.

26. Mr. Brightside

Have you ever wondered what song they play over and over again at college bars? Wonder no more! It's this one by The Killers.

27. My Heart Will Go On

This Céline Dion song was great on "Titanic," but there was definitely enough room for Jack on that door. (I'm looking at you, Rose)

28. My Life Would Suck Without You

The perfect love song for the people who hate love songs! Show your feelings in this jam by Kelly Clarkson without getting too sappy.

29. Oops! I Did It Again

One of the songs that crowned Britney Spears as the "Princess of Pop."

30. Picture

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow's sorrowful hit will make you miss a relationship that's not even yours.

31. Potential Break Up Song

We miss you, Aly & AJ! (We also hope you find boyfriends that remember your birthdays)

32. Secrets

It's no secret that this hit by OneRepublic should still be in your playlist!

33. She Will Be Loved

There is arguably no better song to sing at the top of your lungs than this one by Maroon 5.

34. Sk8r Boi

Can I make it any more obvious? This song by Avril Lavigne is timeless.

35. Survivor

Created in the glory days of Destiny's Child, this song will give you the strength to do the thing!

36. Tik Tok

Back when Kesha was Ke$ha, this song came out and rocked our worlds, and it's still a pretty popping track!

37. Toxic

Let's be real, flight attendant Britney Spears is our favorite Britney Spears. Check out the music video if you don't believe me!

38. Umbrella

The ultimate friendship song by Rihanna has been giving us all the feels since it was released.

And there we have it! Have a rockin' summer, y'all!

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