Music Ecosystem on Blockchain Technology

To address the big challenges faced by the current music industry, SOMESING has developed a social music service based on blockchain technology.

Basically, to phase out the inefficiencies of the traditional karaoke system, SOMESING has designed an extraordinary platform, which will help music lovers users follow their passion and benefit them economically for their contributions within the ecosystem. The company has leveraged blockchain technology to offer unlimited free music services and create a fair compensation system. Developed in 1970 in Japan, Karaoke is the most interactive entertainment forms in the world. It allows users to recreate popular songs over pre-recorded music using a microphone. From Karaoke machines to user-friendly and convenient applications, this globally reckoned entertainment form has witnessed tremendous transformation has an active user base of over 500 million.

SOMSING will launch its first ICO on February 11, 2019, and is set to issue 10 Billion SSX tokens. Now, the user will get a long list of popular songs that they can choose to recreate for free depending on their preferences. Further, to get a free song wallet, music enthusiasts just need to upload the songs on the system. This secure music wallet will incorporate coin in the form of events, gifts, and supports etc. The coins will be stored for a predetermined time period post which the tokens will be distributed among the users through a smart contract based on their contribution.

To provide a unique experience to users, SOMESING has integrated state-of-the-art technologies to offer the following features :

  • Sync and Sound – Key attributes include Note base adjustment, voice and audio control, Control Accompaniment (MR) volume, Effect contract functions such as echo, reverb, room size.
  • Duet – Edit function, Mimic function, Switch button for male/female sections
  • Video – Key feature will be MCN function
  • Free access to more than 400 thousand Karaoke music covers including K-Pop and other different genres at any time.
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