To the person, I once called my best friend,

Not one dull moment was experienced when we were together. We could make the most boring times the highlight of our week. We may have frequently stumbled into a few awkward moments, but ended them all by creating laughter and joy out of it. Our favorite word to hear was "adventure" because we lived for that rush we got when exploring somewhere new. You were my go-to girl when I had to make what I thought to be the biggest decisions in my life. We were each other's shoulder to cry on through the bad days, and one another's biggest supporter during the good days. When people saw me, they expected to see you too. We were a package deal, neither of us got left behind.

Going into my senior year, I didn't know who you were or that you even existed. But thinking back nowadays, I couldn't imagine what my life would've been like without knowing you. We pushed each other to try new things and toward new possibilities, which is why our friendship was so strong.

We came from two different types of worlds, and I believe this to be one of the many reasons why our friendship grew so fast. I realized how tough life could get sometimes, even with just being in high school. A lot of the times we felt like we were carrying the whole world on our shoulders.

I always knew when you were having an off day, and I tried my best to help take some of that weight off your shoulders, but there comes a point when all I could do was be there for you.

My purpose for writing this is not to make you miss me or to remanence on all our good times we had together, but actually to make you think and see how different our lives would be today if we had not met.

You were more than a best friend to me. I thought of you as my sister. And the word sister very well defines the relationship we had with each other because we did get into MANY fights. You know as well as I do how true this is. But, at the end of every day, fight or no fight, we still knew deep down that we could never lose one another... and I still believe this.

One of the best reasons I can think of why having you as my best friend changed my life, is because I always saw God working in you. God working through you made me into a better person and made my relationship with Him stronger, and I am forever grateful for that.

Like I've said before, we all have a purpose in this life, and maybe we were only meant to pass through each other's lives for a short period of time. Or maybe we will reconnect again in the future and have an even better friendship than we did in the past. No one really knows, except for the Big Man upstairs.

I believed this letter was needed to be said to you.

The phrase that says, "people come and go in life" is very true, but it is what we learn from those people after they leave that is most important.

I hope that our futures may reconnect us again someday. You will continue to always be a very important person in my life.

Thank you for always being there to share and create some of the best memories with me.

They will never ever be forgotten.