Writers Block: Is This Okay?

Writers Block: Is This Okay?

Some late night thoughts

I am currently trolling the internet looking for inspiration. I’m looking for some piece of news, an event, an opinion that will trigger some passion.

The New York Times has yet another piece on Trump's inadequacy as a president. The Odyssey online has tons of fun articles which reflect the inner workings of the enigmatic minds of us millennials, and YouTube is currently breaking records with a video of a dancing pug.

In the middle east countries are imposed with stern dictatorships, government bureaucracy divides the wealthy from the majority population and poverty is rampant.

Sex trafficking still exists and back here in the states a prominent doctor of the women’s American Gymnastics Team has just been incarcerated for molesting hundreds of teenage girls.

Not to say I don’t understand the magnitude of any of these events, and not to say they aren’t important, but I am not triggered.

So now I delve into the question is this okay?

Is it okay to go through a period of indifference?

Or am I ignorant for not feeling passion despite volumes of injustice and corruption in this world?

Maybe my mind is on overload. Maybe all this stimulation has stunted my emotions. The exposure in modern day society to information is constant. Our cellphones beep with messages from all platforms of social media. Targeted advertising exists with the goal to entice and inform. Not to mention TV, computers, smart watches, and you name it, control every stimulus exposed to us.

Is it possible that our minds have become numb to information? It seems nothing impacts anyone anymore. Or maybe I’m so consumed with my own life and my personal thoughts that I can’t see anyone else’s. I’m not sure. But what I do know is that exploration is key.

We must all push our limits, get out of our comfort zone and find what triggers all of us. Passion is key to happiness, key to success and key to discovering ourselves as individuals. A life without passion is not a life.

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Girls Need To Learn To Love Each Other

Why can't women lift each other up instead of bring each other down?

I've always wondered why girls feel the need to tear each other down knowing how bad it hurts when someone does it to them. Is it cause the lack of esteem in oneself that they feel the need to bring someone else down to come out on top or is it cause they truly like the feeling of hurting someone? Either way as women, we need to learn to love ourselves and respect one another.

Most women have had at least one 'mean girl' in their past, that has either put them down or socially tormented them. Women who feel as if your a competition tend to be the main ones who feel the need to bring you down.

With that being said, It is truly sad that this generation wants to hurt people rather then make them feel good about themselves. As being women, we know how hard it is dealing with our self image issues and being able to actually love our self.

These magazines and social media pages, show young girls the 'ideal look' and how they need to look in order to be loved or to matter to society. This make these girls feel the need to starve themselves just to matter to the world or so they aren't made fun of for being 'fat'.

These girls then grow up having huge insecurities and believe that no matter what they do, they aren't good enough. It's not fair for women to experience depression because another girl made them feel worthless just to make themselves feel better.

This girl on girl hatred needs to stop, instead of bringing each other down, we need to lift each other up. If you feel another women is pretty or you like her outfit, tell her because that might just be the one thing that'll make her day.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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So, I’m Trying To Reconnect Culturally

Is it too late to learn a new language?

I am a first generation Nigerian-American in Chicago. With my parents growing up in Nigeria instead of America, I had a different childhood than a lot of black youth, I grew up with Aki and PoPo instead of Madea and Tyler Perry, Afrobeats instead of R&B, and all the gospel songs were in broken English. Because my parents and all my older relatives are so connected to Nigeria, I automatically have an immediate cultural connection that a lot of people wish they could have, so what do I mean when I say I’m trying to reconnect culturally? Well my grandma and mom speak three languages, my grandpa dad and all his siblings speak two, most of my cousins speak two, and my siblings and I speak one.

When my parents came to America, my dad had such a hard time adjusting to the professional world with his thick Nigerian accent that when he met my mom before they had kids they sat down and decided, which took a long time because my mom wanted her kids to be bilingual originally, that they were only going to teach us English.

I’m not mad at my parents for making a decision they believed would inevitably better my future, but I am frustrated, because I believe they did me a disservice, giving me an Igbo name, putting me in a trilingual church where the most commonly spoken language isn’t English, and introducing me into circles and spaces where kids my age were speaking different languages and I would just have to sit and wait.

I do not regret how I grew up, I had a wonderful childhood, but the disconnect I feel to Nigerian culture, all because I don’t speak anything but English is all too real. When we would dress up in Native for special events, I would feel like an imposter almost, and it would hurt because I wanted to know another language, more than anything. I even had tried to make an effort to learn, but everytime was never the right time for my parents or my cousins, which is understandable because they're all busy people. The other day though I came to the realization that they might always be busy, and for them it might never be the right time, but for me the right time is now, and I can’t keep waiting for other people to encourage and support me to go after what I want. I need to be my own motivation, and chase my dreams myself in this case and that's more than fine to me.

So now, as freshman about to start my spring quarter, at 19 years old, I have decided I’m going to learn two new languages. I plan to learn Igbo, the language my dad and his side of the family speak, and Yoruba, one of the languages my mom and grandma speak, as well as the main language of my church and my friends. Although I do not know how exactly taking this language journey this late in life will turn out I’m ready for anything and everything life throws at me. Because I can take it. I plan to start this summer with Igbo learning classes, and I don't want to rush anything, but my goal is that in three years, by graduation, I’ll be fluent in the languages I’ve loved and admired from a distance for so long.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash.com

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