Some good news to fuel your serotonin
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Some good news to fuel your serotonin

With the world still exploding as we speak, here is some good news for you to take your mind off of things.

Some good news to fuel your serotonin

Positivity seems like a crazy concept with the new state of the world.

While we may be trying to find some pieces of serotonin to cling onto, the news around us takes that away.

So just to give you your dose of serotonin for the day, here is some good news you missed out on this week.

New York turned a garbage dump into an oasis. 

Fresh Kills Landfill, which formerly used to be New York's largest landfill, is just one month away from reopening as an amazing park and recreation center. This park would be three times the size of Central Park! This project has been underway since 2001. This landfill site used to once be home to 150 million tons of trash, and now it has rolling hills and streams.

A bride and groom serve the homeless on their big day. 

This story melted my heart. With COVID-19 changing the way wedding ceremonies look like, this couple decided to change it even further. Tyler and Melanie Tapajna asked their caterer if they could provide food to Laura's Home, a local homeless shelter in Ohio. Melanie was in her gown, swapping her veil for a hairnet and Tyler rolled up the sleeves of his tux to serve the resident of Laura's Home.

The world's first "Happiness Museum" opened.

After COVID-19 dies down, we all need to take a trip to Copenhagen and visit their newest museum; a Happiness Museum. This museum doesn't just have smiley faces on the walls, it has exactly the things that make humans smile. A team of scientists and Think Tank sat together and decided to specifically pick exhibits that trigger the happiness chemical in our brain. There are also exhibits of things that make people around the world happy.

Nurses stay behind to care for intensive care babies despite the hurricane.

When Lake Charles, La. issued an evacuation because of Hurricane Laura, nurses at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital stayed behind to look after 19 intensive care babies. 14 nurses along with Dr. Juan Bussano hunkered down in the hospital to make sure the babies could receive the care they needed. When the winds spiked to 135 mph, the nurses and babies took to the hallways of the hospital, hugging the walls, making sure that the babies were safe. If this doesn't bring a smile to your face then I don't know what will.

An Orca who carried her dead calf for 17 days is pregnant again. 

Tahlequah, who was swimming with her dead newborn for 17 days and refusing to let it sink, is expecting! Many scientists are hoping that her new calf will survive the birth and thrive in the ocean waters alongside its mom.

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