From backpacking Costa Rica to study abroad trips in Italy, I believe I have experienced a wide variety of travel escapades. With the rising hype surrounding solo travel, I decided to take a solo trip to see if I could experience the benefits for myself, like so many others had before me.

I went backpacking solo in Costa Rica, and the first week was amazing! I loved the benefits of solo travel and meeting new people. From the hostels to the bus rides to all the amazing adventures, I loved it all.

After the first week, however, it became apparent not all places are fun to travel to alone. I remember being in Santa Teresa, one of the most romantic places, and the isolated beach, perfect sunset, and spread out cabanas made it the perfect destination for a couples getaway. Yet, I was alone. The whole time at this destination, it opened my eyes to how most experiences are better when you have people to share them with

By all means, I enjoyed my solo travel the first week, but after that, I was longing for a boyfriend, a friend, or a group to go out with, to share memories with, and to carry on the amazing experiences I had.

My advice for solo travel is:

Go for a weekend or a week, enjoy it! But, when you start to feel lonely or homesick, go home and plan a trip with some friends, family, or significant other.

Of all my trips, I genuinely loved the times I traveled with other people more than the times I have traveled alone. This is partly because solo trips do make you feel lonely sometimes. The best way to avoid these feelings if you are alone is to find a hostel to stay at! Of all my trips, every hostel I have been too has completely welcomed me and made me feel like I traveled with them to this new place!

Safe Travels,