Going To Sodexo As Told By Mean Girls

When someone asks me if I want to get dinner at the dining hall:

But then you are out of snacks in your room so you have to resort to Sodexo food:

When you go to dinner before your roommates and let them know there was nothing good and to not even bother going:

But they have run out of food too, so you swipe them in with your crazy amount of swipes since you do everything you can to not eat there:

When you think Sodexo might have something good, only to realize you were right all along:

But despite the lack of food, you were able to find an empty booth so not all is lost:

Seeing some of the menu options for the evening:

My response to everything I eat that was Sodexo made:

When Sodexo tries too hard and is trying to start something new:

And then people give you weird looks for getting creative with what you have (i.e. homemade nachos, root beer floats, etc.)

But I keep eating stuff just because it's there:

What Sodexo thinks versus what we feel:

In reality, you have to eat Sodexo way more often than you would like because you'll starve otherwise:

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