Is It Weird To Get Personal With Someone You’ve Just Met Or Are You Just That Person?
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Is It Weird To Get Personal With Someone You’ve Just Met Or Are You Just That Person?

This article has been one I've been wanting to write for awhile now and I am excited to hear my friends/family's opinion on it!

Is It Weird To Get Personal With Someone You’ve Just Met Or Are You Just That Person?

For me, this is totally normal. I am such a people person but I have to admit, there are times where after I ask someone a question, I ask myself if that was too much. In my opinion, we need more people like this because you will be surprised at how many amazing relationships I build with so many people when doing this.

This year, I've really been putting myself out there. I am a treasurer for Tech Creative Media Association at Texas Tech so I've been learning how to act as a role model, leader, and a support system for my peers. With that being said, I've made some new friends and find myself introducing myself to someone new each week at our club meetings!

I wanted to talk about how in my opinion I think it is o.k to get personal with someone in the beginning because I feel that people like to see that you care and genuinely want to learn about them. I love studying people and from doing this, I am learning how to communicate properly with someone while becoming their friend at the same time!

In one of the first club meetings of the semester, I did just that. Someone came up to me with questions and I happily answered. Then I proceeded to get to know the person and boom. Friendship. We exchanged numbers and became friends just like that.

I'm learning that people love that. People love talking about themselves and what is better thIan a complete stranger politely asking for a look into their very own lives.

You also have to understand that every single person is different. This doesn't always work. Some people don't like to be talked to or like talking to a stranger in general. That is why you have to be extra careful before approaching them.

People often ask me, "How can you tell who to approach and who not to go up to?" And here is my response: body language and eye contact. If the other persons eyes are glued to their phone and if they have earphones in, then that means that they're probably not in the mood to socialize.

If they seem to be looking around, body relaxed, and maintaining a natural grin then I would say go for it. In that scenario, it almost seems as if they are anticipating a conversation to happen. That or their just bored, you honestly never know.

Sometimes, you have to just shoot your shot because you never know WHO you are going to meet, how much they could impact your life, or what is going to happen later on- so just go for it. The worst that can happen is you getting rejected and that is perfectly fine, they do NOT know what they're missing out on if that is the case!

I know that this could definitely be a black or white situation. One person could feel one way and another could have total opposite ethical standards, that is why I love talking about these things with such a broad perspective because it opens the floor for discussion.

Let me know what you think and I will see you guys again next week, happy reading!

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