Politics today are honestly insane. Never in our country's history has there been a more controversial time or a crazier one.

Everyone loves to complain about our government, yet, did they vote? Most people say they don't vote due to lack of information. We are currently living in a time with the most access to information. Want to know something? Google it. Open a book. Text a friend.

The age of social media may seem like a demise to some, but we are living in an age of complete knowledge. We have the power to inform ourselves about our candidates for office. Life is so raw on social media that we can get to know someone that we have never met. This introduces a certain type of connection that we have to candidates that we could not have prior to the revolution of the internet.

Today, we can look on websites or social media and see all the things the candidates might not want us to see. The internet is not very forgiving. Social media makes candidates accessible to everyone. This has influenced a rise of interest in the younger generations. We live in a day where all of us have the power to make something go viral for good or for bad. We can join and follow someone and spread the word faster than ever.

My favorite example of this is the politician from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is the epitome of the new generation changing the world. For so long she was just a waitress, her passion for helping improve her community turned into a movement. She is influencing young girls to not let the demographics of politics deter you. She is the opposite of the typical politician.

We have a young, Latina woman representing part of some of the major bureaus in New York. She represents New York's 14th congressional district covering part of Queens and the Bronx.

In an age without the social media revolution, Cortez may of never even made it on the ballet or have over 4.3 million followers on Twitter. Her story inspired the Netflix original 'Knock Down the House' that documented her journey to Congress. I highly recommend this if you think that your vote doesn't matter or that Women don't belong in politics.

Axios has credited her with "as much social media clout as her fellow freshman Democrats combined". She is one of the first politicians I have seen who is in her position for the good of the community. Honestly, just go watch the documentary.

She is proof of the good social media can do in our political system. For once we have an uncensored platform to share our opinions and beliefs.

It is truly going to lead politics in a direction that can be accessed by anyone, for the good of everyone, and end the negative connotation that comes with politics.