Social Media Can Save The World

I've always been a big supporter of social media. Whenever people talk about how our generation has ruined dating, friendships and communicating with each other i'm always one of the first to defend how social media has actually changed relationships. Of course I am aware that social media does have some negative impacts to our society, the biggest one being that calling someone has become outdated by. Instead of hearing their voices in conversation, you're seeing their words through a screen. I agree that I wish people called each other more, but it's not as if that feature is completely dead. I call people all the time. It makes for a more personal and urgent conversations. I always feel special if one of my friends call me instead of text.

Texting really isn't as evil as everyone thinks it is. Along with different social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, you are able to talk to anyone you know just from a few clicks. I'm really grateful for these features because as I leave high school there are many people that I still wish I talked to everyday but have slowly grown apart. With social media and texting, I am able to talk to these people whenever I want and let them know that I still want to be in their life no matter if we haven't seen each other in months.

I may sound crazy and maybe it's just because i'm majoring in Communications, but I really think that social media is a beautiful thing. Not only can it keep and save old friendships but it brings everyone around the nation together at one point to experience the world together. At a time like this disastrous election or the incredible Olympics, social media has never been more important for our country. I love everything about being able to express my beliefs on what is happening in the world and there are people out there who feel the same way and accept what I say.

No matter how relationships seem to change because of the impacts of technology, I know that no matter what I will support the true benefits of why social media was actually invented – to bring people together. And that's a good thing right?

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