Social media has a big role in the way I live my life. I like social media because it allows me to voice my opinions about how I'm feeling, whether that is in an Odyssey article of mine or simply just a post with a caption. I like to also let me friends and family know how I'm doing in college when I post on social media and I like the interaction that I have with them. I do think that social media is here to stay because of how it is constantly changing and every generation is finding out more about the social media world each day.

So loneliness plays a part in social media. I personally have a little over 1,000 facebook friends, which may sound crazy but I do interact with a good majority of my facebook friends because I meet and add friends from my different worlds including college, my family, Odyssey, and some other Facebook groups.

But on the other hand, Facebook can get lonely at times because when I'm trying to talk to my family and friends, I sometimes don't get a quick response because they have their own lives.

So it's tricky because I do want to make that connection with them when I'm on Facebook and other similar platforms, but sometimes it can't happen the exact way you want it to and that's ok. I think the main reason why memes get shared on Facebook nowadays is that someone was in a lonely state before creating a Facebook page dedicated to memes to lets others know that they aren't alone.

Ambient Awareness is involved in the social media world. We truly are stuck in a social sharing world when we are doing this. We don't realize that we are sharing too much when we are making posts and sharing multiple memes a day. So even though we may be connected on social media, we aren't connected in person when we are making our posts.

Social anxiety has to deal with emojis, we use them in every social media site and through technology. We deal with our emotions through social media these days, if we are upset at someone we typically lash out with song lyrics that relate to our feelings or a meme that is relatable.

I think it sometimes it is easier to do that at times instead of addressing the issue in front of us. On the other hand, it is nice to sometimes channel how I'm feeling in an Odyssey article. I think that once an article of mine is published, I can relate to it and others may be able to as well.

The impact social media has made on society has turned our society into one that is so focused on technology at all times. For the mass communications major, it is tricky to have a balance of social media at times because when I'm thinking about social media I'm either already on it or I'm thinking about getting on it after. So there has to be a time and a place for it sometimes, and we as a society have to learn to take breaks from our Instagrams and facebooks from time to time.