Social Media Is Not The Issue Here
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I often think back to the days before I woke up and automatically checked my Insta feed.

Those were the days where I genuinely got a good eight hours of sleep and fell asleep before 1 a.m. on a regular basis.

But, they were also the days when communication was much more difficult. And information was harder to obtain.

There is a double standard when it comes to the world of social media. It can be extremely dangerous when put into the wrong hands. However, life would be very...different without it.

And I use "different" on purpose. "Different" isn't always a negative thing nor a positive thing. It really depends on the circumstances.

So the same goes for social media. Lately there is a negative stigma around the internet. Fake news, false body image, comparison. These are the issues people face with social media today.

Yesterday I saw this quote on a girl's Instagram story: "Don't use social media less. Use it more intentionally. Follow people who inspire and motivate you. Engage with experts you can learn from. Create genuine, positive friendships. Just stop mindlessly scrolling, complaining, hating and engaging in negativity and bitterness." This was on an account called @humanpositivty.

This struck me different. A few months ago, I tried waiting one hour after waking up before checking my phone. It didn't last long, and social media wasn't really the issue; it was a combination of myoutlook and the content.

The unfollow button is a beautiful thing. Yet people are so hesitant to utilize it. If something doesn't intrigue you, make you laugh, or make you smile, why the f*ck would you allow it into your life? The same way you don't want negative friendships, you shouldn't want negative information staring you in the face 25/8.

With how much we use our phones, we should be aware that we are in control of what enters our feed. Like @humanpositivty said, stop engaging in negative energy. Instead of scrolling down and hating on hot girl bikini pics and luxorious vacations, show some happiness. And if you can't, simply unfollow that person. It's so simple.

I am always preaching about how happiness is a choice. And I am not perfect person, because I catch myself exerting negative energy at times. It is so important to be self-aware and have control in your life. That includes who you follow on Instagram, what you post on your Snap stories, and what you retweet on your Twitter. It is all a reflection of you, your values, and what you wish to display.

Don't let social media consume your life. However, have the power to use it in a positive way. People who see the good in things are the happiest. Be that person.

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