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Take The Photo For YOU, Not For Your Instagram Or Snapchat Followers

Who's going to love you when your phone turns off?

Take The Photo For YOU, Not For Your Instagram Or Snapchat Followers
Christine O'Malley

The topic of technology and how it is changing society is well known. Nowadays, almost everyone has heard of the leading social properties like Instagram and Snapchat. As you already know, there are both negatives and positives to using these social outlets.

For starters, and one of my favorite parts about social media is that it allows me to keep in touch with friends. The days seem to be going faster and faster, making it impossible to keep in touch with every friend. Following them on social media allows me to stay in contact, without having to text them every day.

However, the idea of wanting to show people what you're up to has resulted in the excessive effort people are putting into their "image." They spend hours and hours on the perfect edit, the perfect caption. Curating exactly what they want their followers to see. Of course for brands and companies who use social media for their branding, this is necessary. But for regular accounts used to update friends and family on our lives, I say we should be more transparent. I think we can all agree it is refreshing to see a photo that is candid, not staged candid, but actually candid. Photos of family, pets, art, food, and so much more.

Our feed should be a reflection of who we really are. Not who we want everyone to see. Those who are closest to us already know us from the inside out. The only person you need to impress is yourself. So curate your feed to YOU. Who YOU are. Take that photo so you remember who you were with, and how you were feeling. Not just so your followers can be impressed.

When you go out, take a photo or two, but don't make the sole reason for doing something just for the photos. Don't take the photo, then spend the rest of the time out editing that photo. Live in the moment you are supposed to be enjoying. Don't feel like you need to show the world everything you are doing. Sure, a snapshot here and there is great! But taking them while driving or during special moments shouldn't be a priority.

Realize that we only have one life. Be HERE for it. Not on your phone.

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