The 7 WORST Social Media Habits Millennials Needed to Quit Yesterday In Order To Help Your Mental Health

The 7 WORST Social Media Habits Millennials Needed to Quit Yesterday In Order To Help Your Mental Health

You don't need to go to rehab to quit this.


Earlier this year, the BBC released an article called "Is Social Media Bad for You?"

This article revealed scary stats such as the average person spends two hours a day on social media and that studies have proven that even twenty minutes a day on Facebook can lower your mood.

In the day in age of social media becoming the center of our universe, I have personally witnessed my friends become depressed or anxious due specifically to their mindset on social media. Social media can be a good thing if we use it correctly. Placing your emotions through it can lead to a lot of stress and unnecessary concerns. If you stop doing these seven things... your whole outlook on social media can change and you can get on the track for a mentally healthier life.

1. Sub-tweeting your feelings instead of confronting the person


Subtweeting is old news and unproductive. Instead of speaking into an internet void, why don't you to speak to the person you are subtweeting about? Twitter will never solve your problems or make you feel better.

2. Purchasing items for the purpose of an Instagram photo


This picture is featured on my communities Instagram. It was more motivating to purchase the sprinkled donuts for a picture compared to the plain glazed one.

3. FaceTuning your photos

social media

FaceTune is one of the worse apps you could possibly have on your phone. It makes you believe that you are not perfect in your own! FaceTune also provides a disbelief that other peoples are perfect and it makes you want to measure yourself up to other people who aren't being genuine themselves. It's like comparing yourself to a store mannequin.

4. Getting upset when someone specifically doesn't like your photo or see your story

Love me

People have lives outside of social media. It's probably not personal. And if it is, that's so petty are you sure you need to be friends with that person?

5. Getting upset when someone comments on someone else's picture... for whatever reason

Don't look at me

Whether it's your friend commenting on someone's who you are not friends with anymore's photo or you don't want your significant other to comment on anyone's photo that's not yours... stop. Social media is an online platform, it doesn't mean anything and it doesn't exist in reality. Focus on the stability of your actual relationships compared to the status of virtual ones.

6. Making plans for the purpose of posting a photo


"Do you want to get coffee later?"

"Sure! Where?"

"What's like... the cutest coffee shop we can go to?"

"We can go to the one near our house."

"No, let's drive to the one twenty minutes away because they have cute cups and better lighting."

While this scenario may look innocent, it's truly choosing your routine based on social media. You should be focused on meeting your friend for coffee compared to the cool photos you can take of each other. Life doesn't happen online.

7. Starting your morning and ending your evenings by checking your feeds


Your day is reflective on how you start your mornings and how you end your nights. Start your morning with a cup of coffee and some feel good music compared to scrolling your feeds to see what you possibly missed. End your evenings with some ice cream and a favorite Netflix show. If you are craving human communication, then give a friend a call.

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Vine/Katie Ryan

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7 Things I Learned On Twitter That My $100K Education Failed To Inform Me

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Twitter provides content to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you think, or to even make you roll your eyes. Twitter also provides an outlet to reach news sources. Many people drink their morning coffee and scroll through Twitter to stay updated with society rather than reading a magazine. It's kind of crazy if you think about it. Think about when we were growing up. Our parents sat at the kitchen table with their jumbo newspaper and their hot cup of coffee.

Now, let's talk about the things Twitter has taught us. Twitter teaches us something new every day. It teaches us lifehacks that we neither learn in school nor from our parents. Sometimes the things we see leaves us mindblown.

1. The proper way to eat a pineapple.

The caption says it all.

2. The way Vans defies gravity.

Not sure if this is useful or just a brilliant marketing technique, but it took Twitter by storm.

3. The roots of our English language.

As Kylie would say, 2019 is a year of just "realizing things".

4. The roots of our English language, part two.

I would be lying if I said my jaw didn't drop.

5. The correct way to drink these things.

This information could have been very useful on field days in elementary school.

6. Coping methods for anxiety.

I didn't wake up thinking I would learn this on Twitter today, but thank you.

7. How Pufferfish get so puffy.

Honestly, I grew up thinking they blew up from inhaling too much air. I just never realized that was impossible to do underwater until I saw this video. Thank you, Twitter.

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