10 Apps That Make College Life So Much Easier
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10 Apps That Make College Life So Much Easier

So now you know why we are always on our phones.

10 Apps That Make College Life So Much Easier
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As a college kids, we are all reliant on our phones. Whether it be calling an Uber to go out, ordering food, checking grades, checking emails, or even just scrolling on various social media feeds, we are constantly attached to our phones. As freshman year is coming to a close we have come to the realization that college is made easier by these few apps.

1. Uber

Uber is definitely the most life changing app we have downloaded. At least once a day the phrase “who’s calling the Uber” is heard. Much to our parents’ dismay, we Uber way to frequently. When the temperature drops, the Uber bill goes up.

2. Grub Hub

Grub Hub is actually fairly new to us, but since discovering it, it is life changing. We found ourselves wanting restaurants that didn’t have delivery and realized we should check Grub Hub. It turns out it delivers some of our favorite restaurants such as Ama Bistro. We now consider ourselves regular users of Grub Hub.

3. Joy Run

Joy run, another food delivery app is also fairly new to us. Essentially, it is an app that you can request for someone to pick up food from places that don’t deliver or use services such as Grub Hub. If you’re lucky you can even have your friends deliver your order (shoutout to Caylee and Juliette).

4. Instagram

This one is fairly obvious. Instagram is a photo sharing app. At least for us, whenever we go on Instagram after big weekends such as St. Patrick’s day or tailgate weekends it is a way to look back and see what everyone wore. Also, because we are away from our home friends it is a way to see what they have been up to (but not in a creepy way, we promise).

5. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is debatably the best weather app. This year the weather has been a bit unpredictable. It was 65 and sunny one weekend in January but in March it snowed 3 inches. We continuously found ourselves relying on Dark Sky to check the weather. The app tells you, to the minute, when it will stop raining or snowing, the chances of precipitation, etc. If you do not have this app, we really recommend it.

6. GroupMe

Without GroupMe, college kids would legit never know where to go. Whether it is someone telling you social plans, or scheduling a time to meet with your calculous group, this is the most convenient way to communicate with a group of people.

7. Gmail

Although Gmail is a commonly used website, it really changes college. It creates a way for you to be in constant contact with your professors, and advisors. If you have a quick question, you can find the answer without even leaving your room. It also is a great way to keep track of your events by going through the Google calendar.

8. Canvas

Canvas is used at many college campuses as a student portal. You have the ability to access your grades, submit assignments, and see what you have due all within the touch of a button. Canvas also keeps your grades and updates them every time your professor uploads a new grade. It will most definitely be the most educational app you keep on your phone and actually use.

9. Delta

If you’re from out of state, flying home is never an easy process. You book your flights early to save money, but then realize you can be home earlier and miss class. The Delta app makes it so easy to fly with having your boarding pass and seating chart on your phone and being able to see once your bag is put on the plane. It makes what can be a stressful event very easy.

10. Sound Cloud

The amount of new music you will hear in college in unbelievable. Instead of asking the person who is being the DJ, “what song did you just play?” you can instead just follow their playlist and be able to know all the music you heard throughout the night. Not only will you have great workout playlists, but you won’t even have to worry about making them, just follow other peoples!

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