I moved into this room in June. For the past eleven months, this has been my home away from home. A week from today, I will be saying goodbye.

I will be completely honest I was not thrilled about having to live in this tiny shoebox-sized dorm. I was used to having my own room, my own closet, and my own bathroom. Now I was having to share my room with one other person and share my bathroom with three other girls. My closet barely had enough space to fit my clothes. I had to leave a lot of my clothes in my car because there was no room in my tiny closet. I was also used to my huge and cozy bed. I was now having to sleep in a twin size bed with a horrible mattress. I remember thinking to myself on move-in day, "This is going to be hell living here. I can't wait to move out". Way to be positive about things right?

It is so hard to believe that I am actually feeling a little sad about having to move out of the dorm. This was the first place I lived without my parents, This is the place where I began my Freshman year of college. It is also the place where Freshman year is ending. Moving out means I will literally be closing the door on this chapter in my life.

When it comes to the roommate selection, I definitely hit the jackpot with mine. I can remember how nervous I was to be living with someone I did not know. I was for sure it was going to be so awkward. It did not take long for us to get out of that "awkward getting to know someone" phase. Me and my roommate have grown so close in the past eleven months. She is someone who I can go to for anything. There have been countless amounts of nights where we have stayed up all night talking about anything and everything. We have made so many memories in this room. If these walls could talk, I am a little scared of what they would say. I am so happy to say I found my best friend in my roommate. We even joined the same sorority, and we will be living in the sorority house together next year.

Even though I so dreaded living in the dorm, I loved every second of it. Well, I loved almost every second of it. Sure I was not fond of the bed, room size, or the community bath, but I have found that there has been way more good than bad in living in the dorm. I have so many memories and stories that come from living in the dorm, I feel like I could write a book. These fun stories will be what I look back on when I reminisce on my first year of college. These are the memories that will put a smile on my face and make me laugh.

So long Oglethorpe House 410. Thanks for the memories that will last a lifetime.