We're The Snowflake Generation And We're Not Leaving.
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We're The Generation Of Snowflakes But We Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon

I mean really. How dare we try to make the world a better place?

We're The Generation Of Snowflakes But We Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon

Most of my generation is known as the "Snowflake Generation." We need safe spaces, we buy into supporting lifestyles with pronoun usage and a colorful rainbow of sexualities, we don't find jokes funny anymore, we're too liberal, we complain too much and don't do enough. We're just a horrible generation really.

I mean, seriously. We need safe spaces. We think it should be okay for people to have a place to go to feel safe in a world where it's not safe to be anyone or anything. We think places where people can relax and express themselves without the feeling of being uncomfortable. What a buncha babies, trying to make people feel comfortable in an unforgiving world.

We buy into supporting the LGBTQA. It's not like any of our friends are part of this community or anything. Not like we understand what it's like to be closeted because our families disapprove, or the fact that conversion therapy is still very much alive in this day and age, or that kids literally kill themselves because they can't just have someone supporting them, or maybe it's the fact that being gay in some countries is still very illegal and can result in jail time and even death. We do what we can and we support our friends, family, or those who don't have anyone to support them.

There are a bunch of sexualities these days. Really, I can't even keep track. What a bunch of snowflakes, finding a label that describes who they are and what their sexuality is because little things can make differences. If someone describes themselves as something, we don't holler and becker at them because what's the difference between pansexual and bisexual anyway. We buy into it, we accept them for who they are and let them express themselves that way. How could we do such a thing? How can we create such acceptance like this?

Oh, and don't get me started on pronouns. This generation doesn't care what gender is anymore, even if there are scientific facts backing up the flexibility of gender. We address people as they want to be addressed, whether it's through he, she, or even they no matter if they are transgender or dress a certain way. We support people's pronouns because it helps their mental health, how ridiculous. There's so much effort just to treat someone with respect.

Plus, our generation can't take a joke. When was the last time you heard some racist or some anti-semantic joke? We always get offended when jokes are told because racist jokes are just so funny. We can't stand not getting offended by them! We have no humor! We look at internet memes and make jokes with our friends but that's not humor, that's not funny.

Oh yeah, and we're way too liberal. We believe in equal rights, we want everyone to have access to healthcare no matter how poor or wealthy they are, and we believe everyone should be able to learn. Most of us are sick of guns and mass shootings across the country, killing innocent people, children, and tearing lives apart. We care too much about the environment, way too much, because who actually believes climate change is going to wipe us out soon if we don't do anything? We believe black lives matter and women should be paid the same amount as men, but really we're a bunch of babies aren't we?

And we complain too much. We protest, we express our anger, but we're just blocking the streets to get attention. We try to challenge something and we're looked at as snowflakes, but we don't do anything and it's still somehow our fault. We're just a mess of a generation, trying to make things better for our future and for our friends and fellow citizens. We're trying our best, we're probably never going to change either, but really we're just a bunch of snowflakes... right?

We're the generation of change, and that's not going away anytime soon. So call us snowflakes, mock us for accepting different pronouns or being offended about a joke, but we're gonna be here for a while making our lives the way we want them to be, a lot more accepting.

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