12 Things To Do On A Snow Day, Instead Of Freezing And Turning Into A Popsicle

For us in the Midwest, it's that time of year where we don't leave our homes more likely we can't due to the fact we have now up to our eyeballs. Here are some of the best things to do when you're stuck inside on a snow day!

1. Bake cookies

Who doesn't love a warm batch of cookies!

2. Binge watch a Netflix series

There are so many shows, pick one and enjoy.

3. Read a book

Time to curl up and enjoy a story.

4. Online shopping

Nothing like treating yourself.

5. Book a vacation

What a better way to get out of a winter slump by planning a getaway.

6. Create a DIY spa day

Spend the day pampering yourself.

7. Reorganize your room

Reorganize or clean whatever you need.

8. Video chat your friends

Are the roads too bad to go out? FaceTime to the rescue.

9. Day drink

Wash away all your troubles with a drink of your choice.

10. Make a blanket fort

Satisfy your inner child.

11. Make a craft

Try that new Pinterest craft you've been waiting to try out.

12. Work on homework

I mean class was canceled so you don't have to but if you're really that bored.

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