Snoop Dogs Cookbook

Snoop’s Got A Cookbook And I’m Shook

Snoop Dogg's From Crook To Cook is the one cool book you never knew you needed

Gaelle Gilles

Any 90's hip hop fan is sure to have heard of Snoop Doggy Dog. However, nowadays Snoop's filled his bowl with a number of ventures aside from music. He's blossomed as an entrepreneur and did everything from acting to podcasts, he also released a cookbook.

Now when I first got wind of it I was skeptical but when someone becomes a regular at Martha Stewart's dinner table, you start to wonder. So I decided to give it a try and picked up the cookbook.

It must have been popular because I was out of stock when I originally got it from Amazon. Some weeks later, yes actually weeks! My book arrived and it's definitely got character as far as cookbooks go. Flipping through the recipes I got pretty excited because there's some decent stuff in there. I can't wait to try them all but here are the ones that made the top of my list.

The King Classic Caesar

  • With romaine wedges, basically chicken and crouton boats.

Spaghetti De La Hood

  • A classic with ground sirloin meatballs, don't forget the garlic bread.

The Last Meal Shrimp Alfredo

  • Last meal because that's pretty much all I had this past week.

Yardie Yardbird

  • Jamaican style Jerk Chicken with loads of spices

The Next Level Salmon

  • With white wine and Dijon

Biscuits With Tha Thickness Gravy

  • I'm imagining him taking a tray to county fairs for judging.

Gimme S'mores Pie

  • Yes, the crust is homemade.

Suited & Booted Loaded Nachos

  • Which can also be made vegetarian, I learned that after forgetting the beef.

Billionaire's Bacon

  • But you have to crust your own bacon.

Cinnamon Rollin'

  • The Bourbon makes it gangsta I think…

Essentially whatever you're in the mood for, this book's got you covered. It goes over drinks, holidays, snacks, you name it. He even added a couple Gin & Juice recipes in there. What's so special about them? I'll leave that to Tha Boss Dogg himself.

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