Like most people, I'm addicted to Snapchat.

It's rare if I go a day without using it, even if I don't post anything on my story. One of my favorite things about it? It's a solid advancement in virtual communication, adding a little more tone to your text.

You can add filters, share reactions with your Bitmoji twin, share a piece of your life with the world in real time, and have loads of fun while doing it.

Just like we all have different texting styles, we all form our own reputations via Snapchat:

1. The Streak Buddy

Talking to this person is a part of a daily routine. When you see the hourglass indicating your streak is about to end, you panic and blow their phone up in an attempt to make the deadline and save it.

2. The Animal Filter Abuser

My thoughts exactly.

It has yet to be confirmed what this person looks like in real life or even in a picture without a filter. All the cutesy ones with bulging eyes and a blue tint are starting to look the same.

Is it a crime to show your nose, or is the dog filter a necessary accessory? Will we get to see what these abusers look like IRL? The world may never know.

3. The Mile Long Story

I'll admit, I'm this person when I'm really excited to see some friends I haven't seen in a while, or I just want to relive my day at the end of it (half the time, our stories are for us more than they are for our friends anyway).

If you're ever wondering if your friends are desperately clicking through your story, ask yourself these questions:

Did you watch more of the concert with your bare eyes or through your screen?

Did you make a documentary of your bar escapades to watch while you're hungover tomorrow morning?

If so, you're probably your only viewer who didn't flatten a thumb to get through it.

(PSA: If you do post an entire concert, at least let people know who it is so we know if it's worth turning our volume up or not).

4. The Screenshot-Taker

Guilty as charged. It used to be a bad habit when "Blackmail Wednesday" was a thing. Now, I just like to have funny pictures to look at later.

An infinite time limit is nice, but taking a screenshot takes it to infinity and beyond.

5. The Inseparable Couple

Several emojis and swooning Bitmojis later, it's the same sh*t, different day.

If they miss a day or two of posting about their overflowing love for each other, we're left wondering because we've become just as invested in their relationship as they are.

Did they break up? Did they have to sped the day without each other? Are they in a rough patch? We need answers!

6. The Message Hoarder

If you're having a conversation on Snapchat, it makes sense to press and hold to save the messages so as not to forget what was said. Soon, your data's nearing full capacity, and you're just not ready to let go.

Now you're committed (and maybe headed toward a streak).

7. The Anti-Texter

Those friends who never answer their messages, but will be the first to send or open a snap: why?

Because snap conversations disappear, these types of Snap-chatters result in the Message Hoarders described above.

8. The Group Chat Enthusiast

Another group chat notification? It's probably just Sarah with a voice filter letting the squad know she's ready for the weekend even though it's only Tuesday.

9. The Foodie

Fancy restaurant? Snapchat.

Pancakes for dinner? Snapchat.

Chinese take-out? Snapchat.

They'd rather eat a luke-warm meal than miss the opportunity for a drool-worthy story.

10. The Comedian

The best part of my day is when my funny friends post. Listening to an overly dramatic story of something outrageous that (may or may not have) happened just makes life so much better. Who cares either way as long as you laugh, right?

11. The Plug

"What's the move?"

The Drake of the group who is a pretty cool dude, but mostly gets invited because everyone feels a little bad for him and just wants to make sure he's included.

He's always looking for a party, and somehow, he gets lucky every once in a while. It may be because he's always saying to, "hit [him] up" for something illegal, but he doesn't care.

12. The Alcoholic

These come in many forms. It could be someone who is at the bar 24-seven and feels the need to post every round of shots, or it could be that girl whose favorite aesthetic is watching Netflix and drinking wine alone.

Why it's so popular to publicly portray yourself as a hot mess -- I don't know, but who am I to talk?

13. The "Wifey" Material

She either just made hot dogs and mac and cheese, or baked chocolate chip cookies. Either way, she's wondering why she's single when she's clearly the next Martha Stewart.

She can boil rice. Wife her up.