8 Things Only Small Town Hoosiers Know

Growing up a Hoosier is a great experience. However, Indiana gets some gossip spread about it. Here are 7 things only small town Hoosiers know to be true.

1. There is MORE than corn in Indiana.

There are a plethora of other crops here in Indiana. There are soybeans, pickles (Which are commonly known as cucumbers), tomatoes, sweet corn, popcorn, and even radish fields. Crops bring in a lot of revenue for our state but yes corn seems to be the leader.

2. Dirt roads are the best.

You can go a lot of places in Indiana. Cruising through various counties and streets, you know that a dirt road isn't too far. Making some dirt fly seems to be a good way to pass the time.

3. Going out of state is like traveling to another planet.

Not everyone says the same sayings or waves back at you. It is quite the adjustment when you are used to every farmer raising his hat at you.

4. The Internet is a blessing and a curse.

It is nice to be connected to the world but small towns never get good reception so you spend half of your time waiting for the internet to load. I guess that's why we spend so much time out in the fresh air.

5. Mowing your yard is at least a 2-hour job.

It is great to have a big yard and neighbors that are easily a mile away. However, when you have a nice big space like that, you know you have to make time in your day to mow. It has to be scheduled.

6. You run into everyone, everywhere.

The post office, gas station, bank, and library are all very convenient places to see people that you saw this morning. It's hard not to miss anyone when there is only one big intersection.

7. If you want anything more than a gallon of milk or a tank of gas, you'll have to drive at least 20 minutes to the closest town bigger than yours.

Need a new outfit for your date? Need meat for a big dinner? Plan on adding at least a 20-minute time slot to that just to get to the store. Who knows how bad traffic could be, especially if you get stuck behind a tractor.

8. The corn on the corner of the fields is always in the way when going through an intersection.

Stop sign is ahead but every corner is a corn field? My best advice is to pull out as slowly as possible until you can make sure there is no traffic about to danger your life. Good luck.

I hope all the small town Hoosiers got a good laugh at this.

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