12 Tiny Tattoos For Girls
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12 Small Tattoos To Please Your Inner Basic Bitch

Let's face it, ladies, you NEED these tattoos!

12 Small Tattoos To Please Your Inner Basic Bitch
Kristyn Park

Let's face it, ladies, we've all got a little bit of basic bitch inside of us. There's no shame in it, despite what some may say. In fact, some great things come with accepting our basicness, including some pretty cute tattoos. So instead of fighting it, embrace how basic you are and contemplate these 12 tiny tattoos.

A cat outline.

Perfect for your forearm tbh, and tiny enough to only be noticed when you want it to be.

A flock of birds.

Symbolizing freedom, togetherness, and letting go.

A crescent moon.

A tribute to the goddess, Artemis.

Mind over matter.


Symbolizing happiness and mental health.

A sunflower.

Sweet and simple. Also the happiest of all flowers.


A gentle reminder.

A crown.

The infinity symbol.

A beautiful matching tattoo for you and someone you hold close to your heart.

Triangle outlines.

Symbolizing balance.

 A wave.

A stag.

Representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness.

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