15 Small Tattoos For Dog Lovers
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15 Minimalistic Dog-Lover Tattoos That Will Get Your Tail Wagging

You'll surely treasure these fur-ever.


Looking through my photos of screenshotted tattoos I'm considering for myself, I noticed a pattern of dog tattoos. I have looked at many the dog tattoos in my days of searching for the perfect tattoo (that I may never get). However, if I were to get a tattoo showing my love for man's best friends, it'd most likely be minimalistic.

So I went to Instagram to *dig up* all my favorite dog tattoos to hopefully keep you from *barking up the wrong tree* or *chasing your tail.*

Sorry for the puns, I'm sure many will have a *bone* to pick with me...okay I'm done...

Without further ado some paw-some (couldn't help it) tattoos!

1. Watercolor

Splashes of color make for an artistic and elegant tattoo, and with the right placement, it will give you that discreet feeling of a minimalistic tat.

2. The boopable nose

Cute little doggie nose and eyes peeking out is always a fun, creative option.

3. Geometric

Make it big or small the geometric style of tattoo always makes for an interesting and intense design.

4. Picture perfect

Depending on how dedicated to your pup you are, you could go for a more subtle realism, or get your doggo's face tattooed covering your shoulder. If you're still looking for minimal, I'd suggest something like this.

5. High-five

This can be done bigger or smaller as well and in multiple different ways. You could have the dogs whole body and just the hand, just the paw and hand, or the dogs full body and humans full body, the choice is yours!

6. Cute

Look at this cute little fluff ball! And the design is so simple.

7. Pawprints on the heart

Definitely a more popular design but it's because it's beautiful and gets the point that you love dogs across. I've seen it done in multiple ways, so the design is up to you and your artist.

8. Sillhouette

This is a more bolder tattoo, in a minimalistic way. The noir feel and simplicity gives it a kind of elegance as well.

9. Elegant

The rose and star give this a very elegant look, but of course many other simplistic details would have the same effect.

10. Cartoon

It doesn't even have to be a cartoon version of your own dog. Cute Snoopy or Pluto would be fun as well.

11. Pawprint

Another more popular tattoo is just a simple paw print. The nice thing about a paw print tattoo is it can be as big or small as you want, depending if you want your actual pupper's print.

12. Simple figure

So simple and discreet, yet still adorable and elegant.

13. Man's best friend

Another fun and playful one showcaseing the bond of a woman/man and their dog.

14. Illustration

The style of this one reminds me of something you'd see in an illustration of a book, and I love it!

15. Pet-Lover

And of course, one for all the animal-lovers if you just can't pick your favorite kind of pet/animal.

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