8 Small Instagram Businesses I Love Supporting
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8 Small Instagram Businesses I Love Supporting For Their Creative Ideas And Products

There are so many small businesses with creatives ideas and products that they are selling! Go support them today.

8 Small Instagram Businesses I Love Supporting For Their Creative Ideas And Products

All of these amazing business are run by people who are reliable and legitimate! At the moment we are all trying to do everything virtual including shopping!

There are so many small businesses with creatives ideas and products that they are selling! Go support them today while also being safe!

1. @KickinitwithJuj

This small business started by a schoolgirl just working on her project painting a pair of converse. Little did she know that now she has a business customizing so many things such as shoes, canvas, and custom college lips.

Her designs are so unique and the price all ranges depending on what you want. She has filled over 70 orders from 17 different states.

2. @Makiahs Keys

The owner of Makiahs, Jordan, started on August 30. She makes different types of keychains such as her resin collection, epoxy resin, floral and so much more.

She also designs custom Album covers with any choice of the customer. Her prices range from $7-$13 which includes shipping too! Go get yourself an amazing customized keychain!

3. @Sweetlifeonline_

This small business sells all the different types of candy you can think about. This also includes vegan and vegetarian options! You get to mix and match all these amazing flavors and have an amazing blast of options.

She also has a sister business which is @treatlifeonline

4. @thecelebdog

Want to style for your dog too? This small business makes one of a kind bandanas! There are so many different styles and cute options that you get to select for your small cuddling buddy.

They are promoted as comfy and not itchy for the dogs!

5. @foxyboxesnbags

Foxy Boxes N Bags opened just recently in September 2019. They have so many different designs of lashes and other things such as cosmetics and accessories. She also gives a bonus of a free sticker with every order! Go treat yourself with some cute lashes!

6. @shopspeckles

Want to hop on the trends of teenagers? This is your perfect spot! They have so many different clothes and accessories that are all reasonable.

They ship worldwide and for free too! The vibes they create on their Instagram is immaculate go check it out!

7. @gridsdesigns

Janet Figueroa, the owner of this business, makes amazing different types of Starbucks cups. She has so many different designs, but if you are feeling something more customizable then you can even make them customized.

These are great gifts and so cute! She also makes shipping at your cost!

8. @shopmaxjesty

The owner of this small business sells the cutest accessories. I am talking from socks to bags, to hats, too so much more. Her styles are so simple that they are so comforting.

She has pastel colors for all of her items which makes it so cute to wear with whatever you would like. She promotes different codes to get some money off your purchase!

All of these amazing business are run by people who are reliable and legitimate! Please go support them!

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