We all have those little success stories that happen to us daily. Especially if your life kind of sucks, like mine right now, you need to appreciate the little things.

Here are seven small accomplishments that we all should savor in life.

1. When you rip a piece of paper out of your notebook & it doesn't rip diagonally.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when paper doesn't rip correctly. You get less paper to work on, and you have to try again, wasting more paper. So when you actually get a clean rip, amazing.

2. When you find change anywhere.


Last week, I found a 20 dollar bill in the gym. I also have found five dollar bills in some of my old books. Money is a good thing.

3. When you actually know what you want to wear.


Getting dressed is a complicated process. You need to pick an outfit that looks good, is appropriate for your situation, and can work for many activities. So when you actually know what that outfit is right away, the feeling is amazing.

4. When you realize you don't need to wear a jacket.


It's getting warmer out, but it is also that weird time when you aren't sure if you need a jacket or not, so you take one anyway, just to be safe. So when you get outside, and find out that you don't need a jacket, amazing.

5. When your reddit comment doesn't get completely downvoted.


Commenting on a Reddit thread is a big risk. Especially because Reddit communities seem to have a hive mind that changes for seemingly no reason every few days. Having a comment upvoted is rare, even if it's only a few votes.

6. When you get either a five second YouTube ad, or a "Skip Ad" option.


Ads on YouTube are inevitable. So when you get a short one, or a skip ad option, you cherish it.

7. When You Order A Sandwich With Tomatoes On It, And They Don't Put The Tomatoes On The Bread.


Even though this seems like common sense, no one wants their bread to be juicy, restaurants still do this for some reason. It's pretty rare when you get someone who doesn't need to be reminded.