10 Reasons Why Sloths Are The Greatest Creatures in the World

Sloths are the best! Here's why:

1) They live the lives we all wish we could live. It's socially acceptable to be lazy all the time as a sloth.

2) Their hands, everything they do with their hands is adorable.

3) They make for the best memes in the world. We've all seen a sloth in space or a viral video of sloths just slothing around.

4) They are the cutest babies in the world.

5) They are so majestic when they eat.

6) They love to cuddle.

7) The way they crawl is just incredible. Who wouldn't want to welcome something walking like that into their home?

8) They're always smiling...even if some view that as creepy sloths don't let that get them down.

9) Sloths are so kind and giving.

10) Sloths even make pooping cute. They are built in a way that they have to hug a pole and dance to use the restroom.

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.com

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