Dear People Who Flaunt How Little Sleep They Get:

Just because you barely sleep, it doesn't mean you're better than me. Just because you stayed up all night to study for an exam, it doesn't mean you deserve to get a higher score than me. Just because you worked late at night, it doesn't mean you're more deserving of success than I am.

I like sleep. A lot. So telling me how little you slept in order to be productive is like an insult. It feels like you look down on me because I slept instead of staying up. It feels like you're telling me to give up something I love - sleep - in order to get on your level and have your respect.

Here's a reality check. There's people who study all night just to fail an exam and others who don't study at all and pass. Some people work only during their day work hours and are much more successful than those who scrape away work at night, sacrificing their brain cells and still not finding prosperity. Sleep isn't an indicator of success. Everyone is different and some people, like me, require sleep to function. If I don't have a full eight hours of sleep, I am far worse off than you are.

College is a particularly tense period, but don't sleep-shame me if I'm able to balance sleep, school, and work.