I have dealt with my acne for too long and finally decided to make a change. I used a basic face wash and moisturizer daily, but that didn't do much. I knew the obvious things, drink more water, touch your face less, and stay away from oily foods. But I knew I needed more.

I did some research and found that aloe vera and argan oil are very good for your skin. So I started putting aloe on every morning and argan oil before I slept every night. I also started making homemade face masks in which I would mix turmeric and yogurt together to brighten the face. Lemon juice and yogurt can help lighten scars, as well. Overall, I did notice that my skin felt healthier and some of my scars were lightening. The masks were very good, but they weren't doing much to actually prevent the acne. Then I realized, I probably needed a better face scrub.

I started using Neutrogena acne-preventing daily scrubs and a toner for sensitive skin. I made sure to leave some time between using each of the products so they had enough time to take effect and not react with another product. I used most of the products twice a day or as otherwise instructed.

At first, it seemed like nothing was really happening, but I understood that I needed to be patient. Over the next few weeks, I noticed that my skin was much clearer than it had previously been. I felt like I was more confident when I walked out of my house without any makeup on. These are the things that have worked for me and there was definitely a lot of trial and error with the products. My skin is oily and what I used may not be beneficial to those with drier skin. Nevertheless, find what works best for you and be patient. Eventually, your skin will shine like the stars.