Living in college is stressful. Trying to keep up with classes, maintaining a social life, and dealing with relationships can be difficult and can take a toll on your skin. If you're anything like me, the expensive serums and cleaners are not really an option considering I'm a broke college student with $20 to my name. If you're finding that skin care is just too expensive, have no fear! Here are 5 skin care tips that not only work, but are cheap too!

1. Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay: $10.95

You will not be disappointed with this face mask. For only $10.95, this face mask works miracles. Not only does it clean your pores, but it also helps with acne. Not to mention that one container will last you a good three months.

2. Sephora Face Masks: $6

Although they might not be the highest quality, Sephora face masks are great for hydrating your skin during the dry winter months. Next time you find yourself in Sephora, pick up a few of these bad boys (they're only $6)!

3. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: $17

This stuff works like magic! Put the lotion on your blemishes overnight to reduce redness and irritation. For only $17 you can say goodbye to those annoying pimples and white heads!

4. The Ordinary Toning Solution: $8.70

Most of The Ordinary products are affordable, however, The Ordinary Toning Solution is a staple product for skin care. This product effectively tones and brightens skin. Put it on before bed or before your makeup routine to ensure you have healthy looking skin throughout the day!

5. Skin Food Wash Off Face Mask: $28.99

The Skin Food Wash Off Face Mask is a great product to have. With vitamins and minerals, this mask is sure to make your skin bright and smooth!

Taking care of your skin is important, but it doesn't have to be expensive!