Six Reasons Why "Scream Queens" Season 2 Is Worth The Watch
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Six Reasons Why "Scream Queens" Season 2 Is Worth The Watch

It's not just because of the female viagra.

Six Reasons Why "Scream Queens" Season 2 Is Worth The Watch
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1.Its Unapologetic Absurdity

There’s tons of shows out there that jump the shark, but “Scream Queens” does it with pink jumpsuits and fluffy earmuffs. Unlike the show’s previous season, there is no half-handed attempt to justify the bizarre leaps of logic. Season One would sometimes try to justify some of the nuttier decisions made by its characters (like, leaving an unconscious Red Devil alone instead of unmasking them right then and there). Season Two has none of that. And it’s fantastic.

Probably the only way you can justify B-Horror stupidity is to make it a normality in-universe. Meaning, if characters are making bizarrely horrible decisions, well they live in a universe where college campuses somehow still stay open after a series of grizzly deaths, children are born and raised in psychiatric institutions, and frat boys fuck goats.

So it’s suddenly not that implausible that the recently exonerated Chanels would suddenly be enrolled as medical students when you consider they’re working at hospital with a toxic swamp in its backyard.

2.That Origin Story

It’s Halloween, 1985, and the hospital staff of Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering are partying it up, free of the annoying obligations of the “sick” and “needy”. The party is almost disrupted, however, when a frantic and distraught woman bursts into the building, begging a witch-costumed nurse to help her dying husband. None too pleased to be dragged out of the fun (“Um, I’m sorry, but it’s Halloween”), the disgruntled nurse begrudgingly enlists the help of one Dr. Mike, a surgeon dressed as a green demon. After a quick check up, Dr. Mike tells the woeful woman that her husband’s lungs need to be drained…but it can wait until tomorrow, can’t it?

Of course it can’t, he is duly informed, or else wifey’s gonna sue. Seemingly having a change of heart, Dr. Mike obliges. Unfortunately for the desperate wife, it seems as though Dr. Mike’s not really feeling the whole “saving people” thing—as soon as she walks off to the waiting room, he and his nurse cohort decide to dump the dying man in the death swamp located in the hospital’s backyard (yes you read that right). And to throw off suspicion from himself, Dr. Mike disguises the body in his Green Demon costume…

Oh, and before I forget to mention—the wife? She’s pregnant.

If you’re thinking that this sounds kind of similar to Season One’s 80s death scene, you’re right. If you’re thinking that it probably sucks to get pregnant on “Scream Queens”, you’re also right.

3.The Green Meanie

When it was first announced that the second season of “Scream Queens” was going to be taking place in a hospital, I immediately thought “Oh, so it’s gonna be like American Horror Story: Asylum, but funny.” Perhaps it’s too early to tell, but it’s looking like that I was wrong. I’m hoping that I am, because personally I am all about there being some potential “Black Lagoon” aesthetic being introduced to the series. Not to mention, it looks like one of the mystery trailers AHS released for Season 6 was actually hinting at Scream Queens.

Interestingly enough, it’s the last six minutes of the episode that really got me pumped for the rest of this season. Don’t get me wrong, I completely enjoyed the nonsensical parody extravaganza, but while I appreciate the show’s outlandish, everyday humor, “Scream Queens” really shines when it dives full-frontal into horror comedy, and getting even just a taste of that makes me want more.

So come on, show. Give us more “Backstreet Boys” chainsaw scenes.

4.No Grace

Now, I’m not saying that Grace wasn’t a good character. On the contrary--- she was the everyman that was meant to introduce us to the bizarre campiness that was Kappa Kappa; she was the outsider looking in, like us. So, we could say that Grace was like the Scream Queen edition of Piper Chapman—a character whose main attribute is to be relatable and average enough to be utilized as a catalyst for an audience. But, like Piper, a character whose main purpose is to, well, exist, will bland in comparison to the more colorful, visceral, and dynamic characters that surround them. And a show like “Scream Queens” doesn’t really have room for bland.

It looks like Zayday is taking over the ‘everyman’ role this season, but considering that she kept a chainsaw under her bed for safety, I highly doubt that she will ever become boring.

5.The Chanels

If anything, most fans of the show can agree on one thing—The Chanels are what make “Scream Queens”. Their characters do what Grace’s couldn’t: spin their stereotype. Grace was very much a Final Girl--from the hipster clothes to her girl-next-door aesthetic, Grace was noticeably much more conservative in comparison to the bitchy, hypersexual, and frankly insane characters that are the Chanels. Both Grace and the Chanels were and are somewhat one-note in their depiction, but the Chanels take their mean girl marker into absolutely zany territory. They’ve got some of the best banter (the “ghosting” discussion was easily one of the better parts of the episode). They’ve got the best one liners. They’re relatively flat characters, but so is the world of “Scream Queens.” What matters most is that they pop.

In this episode, it is revealed to us that the Chanels were exonerated thanks to a Netflix documentary (and also because Hester doesn’t know her law). But by the time Munsch seeks them out, they’re as broke as the average twenty-something, and about hundred times as hated. I have to admit, I was rather curious about how their snotty sorority attitudes fare outside of the Kappa Kappa setting. The answer? Very well.

Now, they’re med students—but they’ve got the internet, so they’re cool.

6.Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade

I’m going to have to admit…I was rather skeptical when I heard that John Stamos and Taylor Lautner were joining the cast. Not because I have anything against those two, I just didn’t see how they were going to fit in. It was my mistake to question.

From their catwalk of an introduction, to their snarky one-liners, Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade fit right in—mostly because John Stamos and Taylor Lautner are basically playing themselves. Or at least, John Stamos is playing himself. Taylor Lautner seems to be embodying an embittered, slightly less creepy version of Edward Cullen.

Well, at least this version’s out of high school.

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