6 Benefits To Having Short Hair
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6 Benefits To Having Short Hair

If you're looking for a sign to cut your hair, here it is.

6 Benefits To Having Short Hair
Marie Claire

It's been a long time coming, but I finally did it - I finally "took the plunge" and chopped off about six or so inches of my hair, and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Cutting that much hair off puts my hair length just touching my jawline when originally it was half way down my chest. I've been going on this "hair journey" for what feels like a year since every time I stepped in the hairdresser's hair I wanted it shorter, but it never felt quite short enough. My hair, at the length that it was, was becoming a painful problem: I couldn't brush the tangles out without pain and even when I did, it would tangle back in seconds; I was shedding way too much; it would get caught in my clothes; it became severely damaged from all the times I've dyed it; and I just flat out didn't like the way it looked on me anymore (oh, while I would be sitting on the couch, the dogs would jump up to lay near my head and step all over my hair... major ow). It was a pain in the neck... but a lot of those struggles disappeared when I chopped it off, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made recently.

Now let's jump to the point. I've been living with this new hair for about two weeks now, and I've come up with quite a few positives.

Here are six benefits to having short hair.

1. You get to use your hands as a brush / comb!

Look at how Sam Winchester just brushes his hair back - you can do that with short hair. That's a reality now and it's awesome.

2. You'll be able to wash the back of your head without much of a struggle.

At least for me I could never get conditioner there because my hair would be terribly tangled - now there's no trouble.

3. Your hair dries faster after showering.

This makes life so much easier! You can actually let it air dry and it won't drip onto your clothes either.

4. Tangling isn't a problem anymore.

I keep bringing up the tangling thing, but any chance I get to be pain-free is a good day. You may still need a comb to style your hair, but it's a hell of a lot easier and you won't be in any stinging pain.

5. It won't get in your face / strangle you / get in your mouth.

With long hair, if you lay on your side, turn suddenly, or just generally move, chances are your hair will whack you in the face sometimes. It gets in your mouth when you try to talk especially when there's wind (another benefit: you'll be able to see when you have the windows down in your car because your hair won't be in your face!).

6. Your hair really does get healthier.

When you chop your hair off and get rid of the dye damage and split ends, you're giving your hair a chance to restart and regrow. It's softer naturally!

With short hair, I feel free; it's one less stress that I have to deal with day-to-day. Maybe you love your long hair, and that's great for you; keep rocking it - but if you're willing to sit in the hair dresser's chair and take the plunge, might as well give it a try once in your life, right? In the end, it's just hair, and it'll grow back.

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